Thursday, May 23, 2013

SPD linkup: Sucker bouquet

This is an easy project to make but it's not the cheapest or quickest. Already have you hooked, right?

 they are adorable so it makes up for it!

What you will need:
-Styrofoam ball
-300 count bag of dum dum suckers
-candle stand or flower pot

-I bought my Styrofoam ball at Joann's and I used this lil handy coupon (and Joann's lets you use the coupon as many times as you want, even breaking up the transactions...HOLLA)

-Don't make the mistake like I did thinking that small bag of dum dum suckers  from Dollar General will do because it won't even cover half of the dang ball, so drive across town and buy the big bag of 300.
-I chose to use a candle stand and I bought it for a $1 at Dollar Tree

Buy this.


How to make it:
1. Just stick the sucker in the ball one at a time, get them as close as you can so there aren't any gaps showing.
2. Put the finished sucker ball on the stand or the flower pot
3. Make a picture of it, duh.

Obviously don't cover the whole ball in suckers because then it wouldn't sit on the stand

{See SO easy, just time consuming but if you work on it while watching TV or the Bachelorette coming up...eeek then it won't seem like so long}

Linking up with Steph today!


  1. This is so cute! My future sister in law has a birthday coming up and I might have to make a couple of these to put on the cake table! And I'm counting down the days to Bachelorette- although I don't think I could craft during the episode because I have a hard time prying my eyes from the screen unless it's a commercial break!

  2. What a great little gift or centerpiece idea!

  3. Since I don't have any of those stores in my city, and I don't know where I'd get a Styrofoam ball, you can just mail me a sucker bouquet that you've made. Ktnx :)

  4. Love it!! We are getting a Jo Ann's store sometime this year & I can NOT wait!! That may be a good or bad thing though...ha! oooh, can't wait for the Bachelorette!! Did you watch the bloopers the other night!?

  5. This is an adorable idea!! Thank you so much for sharing! SO CUTE!
    :) Rebecca

  6. what a great idea! so simple, but so cute.

  7. That would be so perfect for so many parties. Love it!

  8. Hey there! I'm stopping by from the blog hop. I'm following you through Twitter. This looks like a fun party idea, thanks for sharing. I hope you've had a great weekend.



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