Wednesday, August 28, 2013

almost died and lost a foot getting to my first class of the semester on time...nbd

If you have been reading along for awhile then you know that I just transferred to Tennessee Tech University. I attended a very small community college my first two years to save on money.
When I say small I am not even joking...we had two small hallways of classes.
Although I didn't even really feel like I was in college because it felt like I was in a small high school I did like not having to walk forever long in the rain/storms/snow to get to another class.
A few weeks ago I was trying to get into a class and went into the admission office and the lady told me I needed to go to another building to talk with a lady over there.
Well by time ya girl got over there I was out of breath and sweating...gross I know.
I open the door and then I had to go up two flights of stairs and on top of that I was racing the clock before they left for the weekend AND I WAS IN HEELS.
Dying y'all I was dying.
By time I got up there I went straight in because I was afraid they would leave early.
I couldn't even talk because I was trying to catch my about embarrassing,ha!
(I am definitely going to be hitting up that spin class more often to get my butt back in shape)
After the lady finally quits laughing at me she tells me there is one spot in the class open that I can go home and try to get it.
Really lady? I just ran across campus and up to flights of stairs in heels and you tell me to go home to get the class...I don't think so.
Long story short she let me grab the class there.
I was pretty excited about getting the class and when I walked out I realized the building was called Matthews Daniel so I snapped this and sent it to ole Matthew to tell him I got in the class.
Well last night was my first night of that class. It starts at 6:00 and I get off of work at 5:30.
Thank the good Lord above Cookeville is small and everything is pretty much within 10-15 mins.
Matthew, bless his heart is just the sweetest thing ever bought me Zaxby's for dinner and met me at the SOC house which is right next door to campus.
Thankfully one of my good friends, Olivia, (and dedicated reader here) is in that class with me so I asked to ride with her since I had no idea where to go. Well we left the SOC house with 4 minutes to get to class on the other side of campus.
So we ran out to her car and one of our other friends is on that class with us also...already liking this class ;)
Good ole Olivia is a little Beth Cooper when it comes to driving...especially across campus.
Let's just say I was praying for all the innocent students trying to hurry and get of the way.
Well we made it right at 6:00 (alive and all toes attached)
Remember me telling you that I went to a small community college for 2 years well my biggest class there had maybe 35 people in it.
We walked in to an auditorium
Talk about slap in the face. There are over 200 people in that class.
Welcome to a university class Shelby. Don't laugh I know this is a normal size college class.
Thankfully there were three seats in the back row because if I have to sit anywhere near the front I won't even be able to concentrate.
Overall I think this class is going to be pretty great. The professor is hilarious and seems very relaxed and I know a few people in there!
Had to get a picture before class! Thanks Olivia for taking it ;)


  1. Good luck with your semester! Glad you got into the class!

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  2. Girl what an adventure! I'm so happy for your starting at a new school though :) what are you going to school for?

    Ps. I miss living down south and eating zaxbys


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