Monday, April 8, 2019


I have been writing this post since shortly after we found out we were pregnant! I've had it saved in my drafts and I have been coming on here and updating it each week so I wouldn't forget anything. We are so incredibly thankful for a healthy pregnancy so far and I am excited to share on here some updates. So this post will catch us up from week 4 (when we found out we were pregnant) to now, week 13! I will share later on how we found out/how we told our family and friends.

Week 4
This is the week we found out! We were in Pensacola, Florida for our workcation and we could not be more thankful that we decided a few months before for me to go on this trip with Matthew. I am so glad we were able to be together when we found out. I kept getting all my normal period symptoms (& had been the weekend before as well) so I was convinced that we were not pregnant. Towards the end of this week I started cramping (implantation cramping).

Week 5
I still had a little bit of cramping at the beginning of this week, but it stopped after around Tuesday of this week. No other pregnancy symptoms this week other than seeing a rare steak at dinner one night literally made me almost throw up. I silently gagged the whole dinner- ha! This week we were back in town and around family and friends and were DYING to tell them. We decided to tell Matthew's parent's at the end of this week- so fun telling them!

Week 6 
Matthew was out of town for work this week and I had dinner with some family and friends this week....which was hard to not spill the beans, but I held strong! I had some pretty rough headaches this week, a couple had me crawling in the bed as soon as I got home from work a couple of days. I also had a couple of bouts of dizziness. Matthew surprised me and flew back into town a day earlier than I thought (Valentine's Day night).

Week 7
Nausea set in big time this week. I found myself dry heaving over the toilet many times throughout this week. I also lost my appetite this week. Nothing sounded good and when I did eat I only ate about half of my meal before feeling like I was going to be sick. We told my parents and sisters, Matthew's brothers and my best friends this week. It was so fun and it felt SO good finally sharing our good news!! Everyone is SO excited and were shocked/surprised.

Week 8
We had our very first baby appointment this week! So incredibly exciting and we were so incredibly thankful to receive a happy and healthy report from the doctor. We had our first ultrasound and got to see our baby for the first time. We also got to see the heartbeat measuring at 178- so thankful for a strong and healthy heartbeat! We will be able to hear it for the first time at our 12 week appointment.

Week 9
Nausea seemed to be slightly better this week. I learned quickly that I needed to eat/snack on something every 1.5 - 2 hours or my sugar will DROP quickly. It has been that way since about week 5. Exhaustion set in this week as well and I was lucky to make it through the day without needing a nap. Even just a 20 minute nap in my car helped lol.

Week 10
Nausea was pretty much gone this week, thankfully. I still had to eat small meals pretty often. Unfortunately, certain foods that I used to eat sounded gross (yogurt, salads, fruits). I was still taking almost daily naps, I traveled for work this week and booked it back to the hotel after meetings each day to sneak a quick nap in before dinner every night. Traveling for work is already exhausting in itself, traveling while pregnant about knocked me out lol. I slept like a rock every single night this week in the hotel, which is not typically normal for me. I usually don't sleep that well in hotels, but didn't have a problem at all this week. I also got bloated really easy this week. I could drink a glass of water and immediately felt like I had a full meal. I told my co-workers this week that we were expecting on our trip, too! They were all surprised and it was so fun telling everyone.

Week 11
Nausea set back in a little this week. I think from certain food smells mostly. I got sick for the first time after smelling some leftover rotisserie chicken one night while making dinner and almost didn't make it to the bathroom in time because it hit me so quickly....thankfully I was at home so no one heard/saw me vomit lol.  Insomnia also set in BIG time this week at nights. Some nights I felt like I  never fully fell asleep, just dozed off and then would be wide awake...plenty of time to research car seats, cribs, strollers, etc. ;) Still napped as much as I could during the days though.

Week 12
Nausea was mild this week, I still had to eat small meals/snacks throughout the day to keep the nausea away and to not feel like I was going to pass out. Pretty much was still taking a small nap throughout the day this week. Most nights I woke up around 2:00am and I am awake until 4:30 or 5:00am....aka I finally fall asleep about an hour or so before our alarm goes off for the day. I started sleeping on my side this week as I know you shouldn't sleep on your back after the first trimester. Needless to say, I didn't realize just how much I slept on my back. I started sleeping with a pillow between my legs to help with the aches and pain in my hips and it helped with sleeping on my side some too. I feel like I started being able to eat somewhat "healthy" again this week....fruits/salads/some vegetables. Basically things that I used to like, but since around week 6 the thought of them made me want to gag.

Week 13
This is where we are now! We had our "12 week" appointment at the end of last week (the beginning of week 13, my doctor was out of town during our week 12.)! We got to hear our sweet baby's heartbeat for the first time and it was the sweetest sound. The heat rate measured at 161- so thankful for a strong and healthy heartbeat! We also shared our good news on social media, which was fun/exciting/relieving. So hard keeping such a big secret! I also came down with an awful cold the day of our appointment last week and it has lingered around. I am feeling better though and thankfully never ran a fever! I have been chugging lemon water and using taking throat lozenges (approved by my doctor) to help with the sore throat. I have also been craving all the sweet/sour foods in these past couple of weeks.


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