Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday letters #1

Dear Friday: All I have to say is what took ya so long to get here?!?!
Dear March: I love you to the moon an  I am so very happy to see you, and I hope that you will bring BEAUTIFUL spring weather!! Because I am so tired of this cold rainy stuff!
Dear precious elderly lady at work today: You made my day with your sweet and funny ways.
Dear Matthew: I love you to the moon & back but you already know this ;) I can't wait to cuddle up with you tonight and relax as we watch for the snow to come (& probably watch some Walking Dead!!) our way after a L-O-N-G week.
Dear Sarah: Thank you for being the best friend ever and bring me a large coke from Sonic today! How did you know I forgot my water bottle at home today as I rushed out the door this morning with one shoe on and one shoe in the other hand?
Dear boss: Thank you for letting me off and hour and a half early next Friday to go to my first Predator's game. You are the best.
Dear back: Don't worry I am fixing to take some Advil.
Dear Insurance lady: I don't appreciate you calling me at work and getting smart with me on the phone.
Dear room: I will tackle you tomorrow, no more putting it off.

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  1. There is something special about old people. They can have super sweet moments and it's the BEST! (: Found you form the blog hop! Cute blog!!



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