Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Fever

It is the second day of spring and I already have major spring fever...even though it is cloudy and 34 degrees outside right now, ha! A girl can dream right?
Well of course I have been on Pinterest recently and it seems like all I see is stuff about spring (maybe the cause to my spring fever?)
So let me just share with you some of the things I have been obsessing over.

I am in love with these bright colors and the fact that they aren't bulky sweaters (so tired of wearing layers of clothes to stay warm, ughh!)

I just want all of these!! I am in LOVE with the earrings.

Loving the colors and the bows, so cute!

I just got this one!! 
It is called Tart Deco. Love the color, I think it is PERFECT for spring.
I am on the hunt for these other spring colors!

I am determined to make a spring wreath, I just haven't decided on one yet and I can't wait to try out some other cute spring crafts.

Bradford pear trees! I love them, I think they are so pretty and I love that they line our driveway on both sides but they smell horrible, ha! 
This is not my driveway just one I found off the internet...too cold to get out there and make a picture, ha!

{Little side not here}
3 years ago today I got a simple text message on my crappy flip phone that changed everything :)
Who would have thought that me forgetting to give Matthew his birthday card would help things? 
LOVE you Matthew and I am so glad you decided text me 3 years ago today :)


  1. I LOVE that peach/coral dress with the gold! So adorable!

  2. Oh GIRL! We have similar taste! I love love love that dress though!! And love your blog too! I'm following you!! :)


  3. LOVE all of the bright colors!!! I need all of those items! Happy Friday! :)

  4. These colors are beautiful;)


  5. Loving all the pastels. Fabulous. Visiting from AB Petite's link up. I'm hosting a link up next Thursday March 28. Hope you can join.


  6. oh my goodness this post has me SO in the mood for spring - why is it still so COLD?! Sigh I can't wait for warm weather and to wear all these bright colors again!

  7. What a pretty post! LOVE the colors!

  8. ummm I absolutely LOVE all those colors...and I want just about everything on your list!!! man this makes me excited for spring/summer :)

  9. Love the chevron dress and the bubble necklaces!


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