Wednesday, April 24, 2013

If you really knew me...I mean HIM {Part 2}

Remember how I told you there was a three part series coming this week? 
Well I gave you part 1 on Monday and today I am...someone else is giving you part 2. 

My incredibly awesome boyfriend is doing his FIRST ever guest post
(still not sure how I got him to do this but I did, so show him some extra lovin today!!)

So here is his guest post...If you really knew him {part 2} (He is black, I am in blue)
(I added the pictures...he might just kill me)

First of all I would like to thank all of Shelby’s followers and all of the encouraging comments that you have made to her. Blogging is something that she enjoys to do and a lot of her enjoyment is attributed to followers like you. I myself am not much of a blogger, but Shelby asked me to do this so here goes… (He came up with my blog name...nifty right?)

If you really knew me then you would know that I am, before all things, a servant of Christ. I was baptized on August 31, 2002 when I was 11 years old. Although I fall short sometimes I try and do all things the way that God would want me to do them. I am currently a member of a ministry on campus sponsored by Sycamore church of Christ. I have been raised in the church and hope to remain a faithful member for the rest of my life. (Such a Godly man)

If you really knew me then you would know that I am a twin. I was born with something that most people are not born with, a built-in best friend. I have been very close with my twin Nathan since we were born (that tends to happen when you share the womb with a person). I was born exactly one minute before Nathan and I will never let him live it down. Even though we sometimes fight, we have different personalities, and look nothing alike he will always be my brother and I will always want the best for him.

Matthew on the left and Nathan on the right

One of their senior pictures...I mean how handsome...and tan

I found these shirts down in Florida on vacation and just HAD to get them for these goofs!

Men in black? #brotherlylove #twinning
If you really knew me then you would know that even though I don’t admit it all of the time I love my dog Murphy. We got Murphy from a woman in Chattanooga when I was a sophomore in high school. When we got him he was so small that we could fit him under a baseball hat. Now he has grown and is a major part of our family. ( a man and his dog...warms a girls heart I tell ya)

If you really knew me then you would know that my family is very important to me. I have already told you about my twin Nathan, but I also have a brother that is 3 years older than me named Andrew. Andrew is a Mechanical Engineering major that has graduated with his bachelor’s degree and is now attending school to get his master’s degree. He is one of the smartest people that I know and is very sought out by engineering firms because of his skill set. I have two loving parents, Thom and Judy, which I owe everything to. They have made countless sacrifices to their careers so that they could spend more time with us and attend all of our sporting and academic events. They have also sacrificed personal things so that they could send us to a private school and get the best education available. My father and I are very similar and I hope that one day I can grow into a man comparable to him.

If you really knew me then you would know that all of my friends saw me naked at my 18th birthday party….including Shelby. We all went out to eat at our favorite restaurant Cozumel that night and had a big room to ourselves. Everything was going great and everyone was having a good time until it was time to eat cake. The waiter walked out of the kitchen holding a huge ice cream cake and I got really excited because I love ice cream cake, but then he set it down on the table….on top of the cake was a picture of me and Nathan when we were babies standing next to the bathtub BUTT NAKED. I can honestly say that it was one of the most embarrassing things of my life. (you heard him...BUTT NAKED)

If you really knew me then you would know that I enjoy playing tennis. I started playing tennis my freshman year of high school because there was a girl on the team that I had a crush on. I ended up falling in love with tennis instead of the girl though. I started out as the number 12 player on the team and worked my tail off that summer and started my sophomore year as the number 1 player on the team. My junior year I made it to the quarterfinals of the state tournament in singles and to the quarterfinals of the state tournament my senior year in doubles. I won several awards for tennis, but the one that I cherish the most is the Rutherford/Cannon County Player of the Year. Although I can’t serve over 100 mph anymore I still enjoy playing tennis casually. I give some kids tennis lessons on the weekends and also string racquets for some clients. (he is so good!! Proud girlfriend)

If you really knew me then you would know that I was voted most likely to go bald out of my entire senior class. Although I have a full head of hair now I am not sure how much longer it will last. Both of my grandfathers were bald and my dad is balding (sorry dad but it’s true) so my chances aren’t looking too good. I wanted to be voted most humble in my class, but that wasn’t a category….so I wrote it in….and voted for myself. (so.humble.)

If you really knew me then you would know that I love going to Gatlinburg. Some of my favorite vacations and trips have been to Gatlinburg. When we were in high school we would always go with the youth group to Challenge Youth Conference that was held in Gatlinburg every year. We would go and worship God with thousands of other Christians and get to have fun walking the strip and looking in the different stores. This past summer we went there with Nathan and his girlfriend and it was most definitely in my top 3 vacations of all time. I hope that we can go there again sometime soon.

Our second year at CYC
Our 3rd year at CYC

If you really knew me then you would know that I am quite shy around people that I have never met before. I have never been the outgoing type of person and frankly the thought of having to network when I graduate and get a big boy job frightens me. (someone has an interview this Monday for an internship this summer...WOOO HOOO!!)

If you really knew me then you know that I don’t like crowds at all. Shelby and I have gone to several events in Nashville and other places where there were quite a few people. I eventually had a good time at these events, but it took me a while to calm down and get a grasp on things. (CMA Fest this summer, say whaaa!?)

If you really knew me then you would know that my 3 year anniversary with Shelby is coming up next month. I don’t know what I’m going to get her yet, but I am excited to spend the day with her. I have never been what people would call a ladies man; Shelby is actually my first girlfriend. I was always too shy to speak with girls. People would make fun of me and call me a loser for not having a girlfriend all throughout high school, but in the end they're the losers and I am the winner because
I get to call Shelby Kelly mine. ( MAKIN YA GIRL TEAR UP OVER HERE)


  1. AW....super cute post! Great idea to get him involved! :)

  2. Awww! You're boyfriends such a sweetie! You two are way too cute! This post was really fun to read!

    Bisous (kisses) from France!
    The DIY Frenchie

  3. That's so sweet of him to guest post! I knew he was a twin from one of your previous posts :)

    The cake story made me laugh!

    You two are too cute!

  4. This is adorable - I'm so glad you let him write the post too! You two are too cute.

  5. vERY CUTE. I especially love his dog! xx

  6. This is precious! Loved reading more about your man!


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