Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5 random facts about me + I can't believe

Last week Ashley over at Let's Get Bananas tagged me in her "5 Random facts about me post" and I am finally getting around to doing it!!
1. I am addicted to caffeine, yep you read that right. 
 Come noon if I haven't had my glass of coke I will have an AWFUL headache and advil or tylenol won't help, the only thing that will help is a nice glass of coke.
2. I met Matthew when we were four years old :)
 If you haven't read our story you can find it HERE
3. Full throttle icee's are probably my favorite drink. Ever.
Have you ever heard of it? It's the energy drink just in icee form. Well there is only one gas station where I live and another gas station about 45 mins away that has it. I usually get one every week or every other week. The people know how I am, little embarassing.

4. I LOVE biking!! 
Not the serious let's go bike 20 miles kinda thing but just going down to the greenway and riding by the water. It is my FAVORITE type of exercise and I don't even feel like I am exercising half the time because I enjoy it so much. Last summer I went a lot and I had to shove my bike in the back seat of my maxima, so my parents bought me a bike rack for Christmas (so I wouldn't bust a window probably) and it has two Matthew (yes I know you are reading this) get ready, because we are going biking a lot!

5. My favorite movie is The Proposal
It is absolutely hilarious and I watch it at least once every few months.
Betty White and Sandra Bullock are just a couple of my favorite actresses!

Now on to my I can't believes for the week!

I can't believe...I almost left for work an hour early yesterday because I got the time mixed up...oops!

I can't believe...What happened in Boston on Monday. I just keep thinking of my favorite hymn This World Is Not My Home. Just have to keep praying.

I can't believe...That I am obsessed with The Real housewives of the OC again. They are my favorite

I can't believe... I get to work at my old location this Friday!! I AM SO EXCITED to be back with all my wonderful ladies on East Main!

I can't believe...this semester is almost over! Summer is almost here...I feel like classes just started back for the fall. Where is time going?!?!

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  1. I love biking too! But my apartment is too small to put a bike in it. :( Boo. Andrew and I love the Proposal. Such a funny movie!

  2. YES! The Proposal is for sure one of the best movies! I love Sandra and I love Betty!

  3. I am the same way with diet coke! Speaking of that, I havent had one yet this morning, and I am starting to feel it!! I love OC housewives too!!

    Come join the blog hop!

  4. I may just be obsessed with RHOC too!

  5. Biking is so much fun! I live in AZ so its always a good day to go :D

  6. The people at the gas station know who you are, haha! That's hilarious! My husband stops by a gas station by our house a lot to get a coke and the guy knows him too, ha!

  7. That wooded scene in the Proposal - best ever!! I love Betty!

  8. I love biking! My husband bought us bikes last summer and we went biking quite a bit. We said we were doing it for exercise, but somehow always ended up at our local custard shop. :)


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