Thursday, April 11, 2013

little sicklin over here

Remember how I told y'all I was going to tell you more about my retreat this past weekend? 
Well ya girl over here got sick. I hardly ever get sick, I would say this is because of all the vitamins I take daily. Anyways I started feeling bad Tuesday and just took some advil to get through the rest of the day and on my drive home that night I probably sneezed 15 times, yuck I know. Well I woke up on yesterday feeling like I had been hit by a truck...a semi truck. 

I had to call the dentist and cancel my appt because I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate me hacking up a lung in their faces and I called out of work. I always hate calling out of work, even though I have plenty of sick days, I still hate calling out of work. 

So what did I do yesterday, you ask? Well lets see here, 
I slept...A LOT.
I started Gossip Girl on Netflix and watch 6 episodes...oops!
Burnt the popcorn chicken I tried to eat for lunch...because I can't smell anything because I am so stopped up.

Went to the walk in clinic where they tested me for the flu and for strep...neither of which I have.

but I do have a bad viral infection.
Well I am on day number 2 of being out of work and I am still feeling pretty awful.
Gossip girl marathon today? Sure, why not

I haven't been a total blogger fail this week, I did make pictures.
Hopefully I will get over this nasty thing and feel better by tomorrow so I can go back to work and get back to being a decent blogger!


  1. Aw, I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hope you feel better reallyyyy soon!

  3. Oh no! Hopefully you are on the upswing!

  4. Stopping by from the Aloha Blog Hop. I hope your are feeling much better soon! It's never fun being sick but at least you have Gossip Girl to curl up with.
    Drink some hot tea while you are at it. :)
    Your newest follower,
    Love Sparkle Pretty

  5. I don't like taking sick days off work either, I feel guilty :(. I hope you're feeling better friend!


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