Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Letters #4

Dear Friday, I am just so happy to see you I could pinch your little cheeks and give you a big ole hug!!
Dear weather, you are supposed to be in the 70's and sunny for the next few days...please don't let me down. I NEED some sunshine and warm weather in my life!!!!
Dear weekend, I am so excited you are here and for this weekend to be SPRING RETREAT weekend!!!!
Dear laundry, we are not friends.
Dear hair, please grow faster, I want to curl you with the wand.
Dear Matthew, you are so fine in all your new golfing gear
and I can't wait to spend the whole weekend with you and everyone else from the SOC on the retreat!
Dear work tomorrow, SO happy I only have to work half a day and that I am off this Saturday. Woo hoo!
Dear readers/friends, thank you thank you thank you for all you encouraging comments on my post about moving out. This is one of the many reasons why I LOVE the blogging community! You all are too sweet :)
Dear sleep, I won't be getting much of you this weekend but I will try to catch up on you next week.


  1. I hate laundry too! Why can it not just fold/hang itself?!

  2. Sounds like you're excited for a great weekend! I hope you get good weather.

    Seriously, I hate laundry too. If I was rich, I'd just pay someone to do it for me, lol.

  3. Love posts like this, lets me get to know you better:))) Just dropping in from the Google Friend Connect Blog Hop to meet and follow:)) (via GFC:))


    PS Would love to see you at Lets Get Social Sunday where you can link up your blog and all your social sites to meet new friends and gain more followers!! (live right now)
    Hope to see you there!!

  4. The weather this weekend has NOT disappointed!!! Now it just needs to stay that way!


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