Thursday, October 24, 2013

Servant Of Christ

Servants Of Christ
 or you have probably seen me refer to it as the SOC on here and I realized I have never told y'all what it really is or what we really do.
As you know Matthew has been at Tech since his freshmen year. When he and his twin brother got up here they went to church with their older brother and were apart of another student ministry. After awhile some things changed and they didn't agree with some things there so they changed churches and found the SOC.
I remember Matthew telling me how much he liked it and all the different things they did. I was still living at home about an hour away and we didn't have very many college ministries in our hometown. To be honest I was a little jealous or all the stuff he got to do and participate in. I really just wanted a group of people around my age that shared the same faith to do things with and to help me grow spiritually.
The SOC goes on two main retreats a year, one in the spring and one in the fall.
I remember going on my first retreat with them. Matthew came all the way home and picked me up and we met them there. Talk about nervous, I was a nervous wreck the whole ride. I was about to go on a retreat for a whole weekend with over 50 people I didn't even know let alone stay in a cabin full of girls I didn't even know...nervous is probably an understatement.
We get there (late, because I had gotten off work later...adding to the nerves) and I was welcomed like I had been apart of them for years.
After the first night there I knew this was somewhere I wanted to be and something I wanted to be apart of.
I went on retreats with them until I finally moved up here this past summer and now I attend SOC events regularly. My two roommates, are two of the girls I met on that first retreat. I have such a close group of friends of the same faith and I love it.
We usually have something going on every single night and it's great,
Every other Monday we have small group meetings...the boys have their group and the girls have their group.
Tuesday's we have $3 Tuesday at the SOC house. Some of the ladies from our church volunteer and cook a ton of food and it's open to the public. Seriously some of the best home cooked food and it's only $3!!
Wednesday nights, we of course have church and we usually stay after and talk and sometimes people go to the SOC house to talk and hangout.
Thursday nights we have refuel. An hour to come and just "refuel". We have singing and a devotional. We usually play a couple of games before we get started. It's a great time and there are always great speakers. Halloween falls on Thursday this year so we are having a Halloween party and having a costume contest...Matthew and I FINALLY decided on our costumes are I am SO stinkin excited to share with y'all what we are going to be!!!!
Friday's there is usually a movie playing at the SOC for anyone that wants to come. Some Fridays they switch it up and play disc golf (Matthew's fav) or they go bowling.
The SOC house, you might be wondering what it is. Well it is just a small one story house that we all hang out at! It is right off of campus so most people just park their cars there and walk to class so they don't have to fight to get a parking spot. A lot of people also hangout there in between their classes.
Here are some pictures over the past year or so...
Last year on the fall retreat
This past July 4th
Retreat this past spring in Mississippi
Girls night back in September  
I love being apart of this group. 
Are you apart of a campus ministry?? I'd love to hear about it!! If you are not and you have been thinking about joining one on your campus I definitely recommend it!!
Let man so consider us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.
- 1 Corinthians 4:1

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  1. This sounds awesome! The school that I went to my freshman year was Christian- every Tuesday I'd attend the student lead worship service on campus, I was apart of a girls' bible study that met on Thursdays, and I was involved in a Sunday school group for college students at an off-campus church with my peers on Sundays. The college that I'm at now doesn't have as much faith stuff, but we do have CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) which meets and Tuesdays and I really enjoy that! You're blessed to have a Christian group that does so much!

    xoxo Miss ALK


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