Wednesday, October 30, 2013

before it's too late

That was our theme and topic this past weekend and what a great weekend it was!!
Everything from the classes, lesson, singing, bonding, fellowship to the food was great!
Retreats are my favorite and this one did not disappoint.
We went to Short Mountain which is about an hour away from Cookeville. The narrow and bumpy road going up the hill can be pretty scary and of course I looked out the window right when the guard rail ended but obviously we made it in one piece. I was told it gets very cold up there at night so I felt like I was packing to go to Alaska
We had an AWESOME speaker who just hit the nail on the head with everything he said.
The topic was a great one I think. We talked about different things we need to do before it's too late, how to be better Christians and not to care so much what people think. He said that one of the main things holding us back on sharing our faith and talking to others about our faith is the fear of what others think. One of my favorite things our speaker said was "We will never be able to do anything as well as serve God because that is what we are called to do" and I couldn't agree more.

Short Mountain is one of the prettiest places and the views off the mountain are incredible during the day and during the night.
Here is the view when you walked out of our cabin.
and here is the view up to our cabin. It was like going on a hike every time we went to and from the cabins.
There are a few small caves and we decided to check one out during free time

The guys always like to play football and Jenny and I cheered on our men!
The view from behind their house is absolutely amazing! It's actually that 1st picture up there ^
Brotherly lovin
Most of the girls that were in our cabin!
Love our new shirts we got for the retreat!



  1. What an incredible view! So, glad you had a great time on retreat!

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  2. Sounds like a great experience! And anytime the weather gets below 70 degrees, I am pretty sure I dress like an Alaskian. Not sure if that's a word!


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