Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday

Woo hoo it's Friday and it's not only Friday but it's
This weather!! I can't even get over it! 2 weeks ago it was in the high 90's and I was about to die of a heat stroke outside on my lunch break and this week I have had my heat on full blast in my car but I'm not complaining I am loving it and I am loving my warm cozy sweaters and boots!!
Luke Bryan. Florida Georgia Line. Thompson Square.
I can't even deal right now. I am SO excited about tonight!!
If you remember Matthew got us tickets to go see them for my birthday and I have been on the countdown every since I found out!!
We saw Luke Bryan a couple of years ago at the CMA Fest and he was HILARIOUS and we both really enjoyed it. We both love Thompson Square and I am a huge FGL fan as well!!
So tonight is going to be perfect!! I am getting off early so I can get ready and so that we can leave early to eat dinner and not rush! Nashville here we come :)
Also we are going by an accounting firm that Matthew had an interview with on Monday!!!!
He wants to show me where it's at and I am excited to see it! He said the interview went very well and they took him to lunch. So we are praying to hear something back!!  #proudgirlfriend
Home. I am going home this weekend and I am pretty excited. I have been a little homesick, I guess when you are sick it makes you miss home a little bit more. Can't wait to see everyone and get some sista bonding time in this weekend!! I will also be making a stop by Target :)
I seriously have withdrawals.
Essie, oh how I love the!
My obsession has grown and I can't seem to go into any store without buying a new color. There are just SO many to chose from and since I paint my nails so often, why not?? Their new fall colors are to die for and my little nail bag I bring to work is starting to get too full. Gotta love Essie though.
Makeup, I have also grown an obsession for makeup. I am constantly finding new makeup tutorials on YouTube and watching them and trying out different things. I recently bought some Bobbi Brown makeup and I was so excited about it I met the UPS driver as soon as he got off this truck, I'm sure the poor guy thought I was crazy.
I don't know if  I have ever said this before or if you can tell but I LOVE BEING A GIRL. Nails, makeup,'s so fun all the stuff we get to do and play around with, not to mention clothes. I forgot about a gift card I got for my birthday and I found it and bought a few new ADORABLE sweaters for this fall. I love getting things in the mail so I have been giddy all week.
Have a great weekend love muffins!


  1. I have YET to try Essie! I think the price scares me, ha! Have fun tonight!!!

  2. Have a BLAST. I saw Luke/FGL/ and was HOPING to see Thompson Square but they got sick so Cole Swindell filled in. BEST SHOW IVE EVER BEEN TO. Enjoy yourself!

  3. Have so much fun tonight! I can't wait to hear all about it!


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