Thursday, February 6, 2014

Flash mob

Happy Thursday y'all!
I came back home last night after church because today I have 3 doctor appts. Nothing is wrong just checkups and I somehow managed to get all three of them scheduled for the same day, still can't believe it!!!! The other night Matthew and I had planned on going to work out but he has had a small cold and didn't feel that well so we decided on watching a movie at my apartment. After the movie went off it was still pretty early so we were flipping through the channels and found The Biggest Loser finale was on and we watched the last half of it. Y'all that show was so inspirational. Their stories were touching and Matthew and I both looked at each other and said "we need to go workout!!". I probably could have ran 2 miles right then I was so pumped (not really I don't think I'd even make it a mile but you get what I'm saying!!) Just look at their before and after pictures, I promise you will be at least a little motivated!!

So on to this little gem I came across the other day and just had to share
I have seen tons of videos of flash mobs lately, even proposals that were a flash mob but when a friend shared this one on Facebook I about died!!
When we have singing nights at church or refuel I LOVE them and always get so excited for them.
I often listen to this video while I get ready in the morning there is just something so peaceful and relaxing and I love it.
Watch this video and tell me that isn't one of the best you have ever heard. Do you see how many people are there?!


  1. FLASH MOB!!! I love flash mobs. Wow this one is amazing...I got chills. This is on my bucket list actually and a lady from my church is supposed to be putting one together to do as an evangelical outreach effort in the local mall. I hope it pulls through.

  2. The Biggest Loser finale was the only episode I watched but it was SO good! I cried a lot while watching it just because they were so inspirational!


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