Friday, September 30, 2016


I feel like I can officially say that fall is here in Nashville! It was a very cool and crisp 55 degrees on my way to work this morning and yesterdays high only reached 64. Which is crazy because Thursday of last week was a high of 91! It does look like it's going to warm back up a bit next week, but I'm hoping the humidity stays low. I also can't believe today is the last day of September. September FLEW by for me!

Last night I went to my sister's softball game and completely forgot to bring a jacket or sweater, so it was a very chilly night. They played great, but sadly lost by one point. Such a close game though!!

Different couples in our class at church host an activity each month for everyone in our class, well this month it's our turn to host, and our event is tonight! We reserved the youth building at our church and we're having a movie/game night. We are showing Nemo for the kiddos, and I found some nemo coloring pages for them. We are having pizza and I found some cute Nemo themed snacks to have as well. For the adults we will be playing the game Fibbage. We are so excited and can't wait until tonight!

I am in the process of creating my own planner for 2017, and I am a little too excited about it. This past year I decided not to spend a big amount on a planner like I have in the past and grabbed one from Target for around $12. I like it and the size of it, but I wish it had a little more to it. So when I saw Blair's post on how she created her own planner using Canva and Office Depot I was very intrigued. I made a list of all the things I wanted in a planner and started sketching how I wanted it to look. I then took to Canva to make my drawings come to life and I am thrilled with how it's looking so far! Not only will I be saving money, but I will have a planner tailored to my personal needs. YAY! Here is a look at the calendar I created the other day for my planner...

Yesterday our sweet puppy turned 1 month old, and just in a couple of weeks we will get to bring her home!!!! We are so stinkin' excited and talk about her everyday!!!! Would you just look at this adorable face...

If you missed our fall home tour, you can see it HERE! I'm enjoying everything fall right now, if you couldn't tell ;)

Also, this adorable wreath I posted about on Wednesday, that I will be sharing with you all on Monday...will come with a coupon code!!! Woo hoo! I know cotton wreaths and cotton stalks are very popular this fall and I have loved seeing them around in people's houses, so you won't want to miss out on the coupon code!

One last thing....tomorrow is the first home (preseason) Pred's game and we are going with some friends. Hockey is BACK! They shared this on their Facebook page yesterday and I couldn't help but get pumped for hockey season.


  1. Love your cotton wreath!!

  2. Oh man!! That weather sounds simply amazing!! Have so much fun hosting your group tonight! That sounds like a great idea :) Happy 1 month to your puppy!!! She's just so adorable!

  3. I love your cotton wreath!! I want one so bad. They go with every season so well. It's also been feeling more like fall here and I'm so excited about it! Happy Weekending!!

  4. I feel like that wreath could easily be used in the winter, too!! Such a cute purchase! I cannot believe how ADORABLE your puppy is. When I first saw a photo of her I immediately showed Caleb and we both were in awe of her cuteness, ha!

  5. I love the front door color with the cotton wreath - so pretty!! So excited yall are getting a puppy - they're the best!!

  6. I love that you're going to make your own planner! That's such a great idea because you'll be able to put in it exactly what you want! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  7. Oh, I know the feeling about waiting for the dog. We had to wait two weeks to bring Saint home. With Luna, we were busy for a few days before we could bring her home, and the shelter had a policy of not reserving dogs; we were afraid that someone else would get her.

  8. I'm pretty impressed that you are creating your own planner!! There are so many great ones out there but I get it if you can't find the perfect one for you... so why not create it yourself and make it perfect!!

  9. EEK! Your little puppy is so darn cute!!! And I think it's super cool that you are making your own planner... I have toyed with that idea myself but I'm not sure if I'm up to the challenge ;)

  10. Your puppy is SO cute!! ANd I love that wreath!


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