Monday, September 26, 2016


We are so excited, because we have adopted a sweet puppy!!!!
I still can't believe we did it and we can't wait to bring our pup home in LESS that a month...yay!

A little back story on how we decided to adopt our pup....last year in November Matthew started looking at puppies. His puppy fever was sparked when we stopped at Puppy Zone and played with puppies on our way home from our weekend in the mountains together. Matthew had an instant connection with an ADORABLE shih poo, but the price tag on that adorable shih poo was not acceptable. So he looked up breeders in and around Nashville and found one that had great reviews, and for weeks he tried to talk me into getting one...he even sent me the funniest texts trying to talk me into it. At the time we were on the third floor of our apartment complex and I knew that we would have a time going up and down three flights of stairs while potty training AND there would be a pet fee for our apartment, so while it was pretty hard, I didn't give in to these kinds of texts from my hilarious husband...
I somehow convinced him to wait until we bought a house. Well after we bought our house and got somewhat settled the puppy fever hit me...and at this point Matthew wanted to get settled fully in our home and do some house projects before we adopted a pup. So then I started looking at breeders and sending him adorable puppy texts lol. We finally talked about it and then both decided to wait until May of 2017. May is right after busy season ends for Matthew and it would be starting to warm up outside...seemed like perfect timing for us.

Then my parents got an adorable puppy and we puppy sat a couple of times. We loved it and we loved having a puppy in our home, and missed her when she went back home! Then my BIL got an adorable pup and the puppy fever was back and in full force for the the both of this time! We threw around the idea of getting a puppy, but wanted to still take our time and make sure this is what we really wanted to do at this time. We said if we came across any then we would talk about it then...well a couple of days later Matthew decided to check the breeder that he had found back in November just to see, and for the first time since last November, she had some shih poo's available..and she just posted their pictures on their website that morning!!!! Matthew called me and asked my thoughts on it and we both agreed that it was all lining up to be the right time, so he called the breeder and the rest is history!
 We got to visit her this past weekend and we FELL IN LOVE. We are so excited and can't wait to bring our sweet girl home!!!!! 
Then she got a little sleepy...
 and was OUT

We have been doing tons of research and getting puppy tips and advice from my MIL and other friends. My birthday gift from my BIL and his girlfriend was a puppy bed filled with puppy toys, leash and collar, and puppy food! I was so excited! We also made our first of many, I'm sure, trips to PetSmart and recently purchased a puppy pin. It's so fun seeing a couple of puppy items in our home and knowing that's for OUR puppy!
While I was in Home Goods this weekend I browsed the pet aisle for the first time and found a ton of stuff I would have loved to purchase, but I refrained, and only bought a small basket to hold all of her toys.

We are excited to be fur parents!


  1. So excited for you guys! The thought of a new puppy gets me all excited! Welcome to being a Fur Mom! It's the best!

  2. I love this! I want a dog so bad but definitely want to wait until Judah is old enough to help out and we have a yard for he/she to run around in! She is so cute! Excited for y'all :)

  3. Eeek! So exciting! I'm a dog mama to two goofy dogs. They are a lot of work and sometimes make me absolutely nuts, but the love they give you makes is so worth it!!!

  4. Eeeek!!! This is such an exciting time. We've had our baby almost four years and those first few weeks at home with that furry face was the best thing ever. I'm so excited for y'all. It is going to be a crazy few weeks at first but once the routine is set for your little furry one, it's going to be the best thing ever.

  5. Oh my goodness - she is flipping adorable! Congratulations - so exciting!

  6. This is just the cutest thing ever!! I'm so excited for y'all and so glad the timing worked out! She's so stinking adorable and tiny!! Y'all are going to have so much fun and I bet y'all are counting the hours until you take her home! Can't wait to hear her name :)

  7. How cute is your puppy?! She is so tiny! I bet y'all cannot wait until it's time to bring her home. Congratulations! :)

  8. Yay, Yaay, Yaaay, Yaaaaaay! Especially for adopting. We adopted both of our dogs.

  9. Such a cute pup. Congratulations on the new addition.

  10. Are y'all State fans?! That's where my husband went to school!

    1. Yes we are! My husband is from Starkville, MS and has been a State fan his whole life. So as long as they aren't playing Tennessee then I am a State fan as well lol ;)


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