Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I have had so much fun decorating our home for fall, and I am really loving having some seasonal decor back up. It's our first fall in our home, and I am ready for the fall weather to move in and some cozy nights doing nothing but watching a good movie/tv show with my favorite guy in the world, with our fireplace going!

Most of our decor is the same as last years, with a few newer pieces added in, thanks to Target's dollar section. I don't know about y'all but the dollar section just keeps getting better and better! I decorated for fall over Labor Day Weekend, that's what I did last year and it just worked for us. I have never had a lot of Halloween decorations before, but like I said the dollar section was really good this year! I picked up a few Halloween pieces and I'll put those out in early October and then take them down after Halloween and just let my fall stuff stay up until it's time to decorate for Christmas. September-December is my favorite time to decorate! 

I'll start in the living room...the vases on the mantel with the flowers in them are from Hobby Lobby a few years ago
The leaves banner is from Target's dollar section last year!
My favorite mugs that were used in our wedding as decor on our sweetheart table are from Anthropologie. The leaves on top of the mantel are from Wal-Mart.
The two vases on the floor are from our wedding and they are from Kirklands. I filled them with pumpkin string lights from Target's dollar section. The painting is one that I painted last year at my best friend's bachelorette party. I used my iPhone on these next two pictures...
I added a few fall touches to our bookcase
 I am in LOVE with the small pie dishes from Target's dollar section.
 Matthew's anniversary painting I gave him for our one year wedding anniversary, and our anniversary present from my parents. 
 This adorable block set is absolutely appropriate to have out this time of the year. Hail State!
On our end tables I added simple fall pieces from Target dollar section over the past few years.

Next up is the kitchen...I debated whether or not to share all of these pictures because we are still in the process of painting, so that's why there is still painters tape up and the outlet plates are still off, but I love looking back on my blog posts and seeing what things used to look like after we have finished up projects. It's fun seeing the changes we have already made so far and I can't wait to see the rest in the future. So just overlook all of the unfinished areas right now ;) 
This adorable sign is from Hobby Lobby last year, but I think I saw it again there the other day!
Most of the fall decor in our kitchen is from Target's dollar section. 
 The flowers are from Hobby Lobby.
 My mom gave me this thankful sign a couple of years ago.
I even added a few fall touches to our coffee bar
 I just discovered Rae Dunn a few months ago and I have quickly grown to love it. Whenever I pop in Home Goods I search for it and this past weekend I found this adorable coffee canister for less than $15...I couldn't grab it quick enough! I have seen this same coffee canister going for $50+ on Ebay and other websites, so I was one happy shopper.
 I found these adorable napkin rings in the Target dollar section. 
I added one small piece in our hallway, just to add some color...even though the different colored painters tape is enough color at the moment ;)
And here is our entryway...
and last but not least, our new wreath...
I knew after we painted our front door that a beautiful cotton wreath would be perfect for the fall and I could not love it more! You can find this wreath HERE, and I'll post more about it tomorrow!


  1. Your house and all of your fall decorations are absolutely adorable! I love your coffee bar & that cotton wreath the most :)

  2. So cute!!! Can you come decorate my house? haha I especially love the mugs and leaves on the mantle.

    1. Thank you so much! Those mugs will always be my favorite :)

  3. Love it! Everything looks so cute! I love decorating for the months of September to end of December! I hate it when I have to take the stuff down because is all looks so bare after!

  4. Everything looks great- loving all of your Fall decor :) Gotta love snagging great pieces from Target!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I love it all so much! You've got a great eye for decor!

  6. It all looks so great! Love decorating for the fall/winter months. The time we are indoors the most to enjoy it.

  7. Love your mantle! The mugs are such a cute and unexpected decorating idea! Love it!

  8. It's beautiful! Thank you for giving me some ideas for our house! I just got our fall stuff out the other day and it's totally lacking. Also (random), do you love having a keypad front door lock? Our house was a foreclosure and when we moved in, we didn't have the money to replace ALL the locks (we were given ONE key to the entire house), so I replaced the deadbolt only (for $29 vs. $150 to replace the whole set up), and now we have managed to lose all but one key to that. I'm thinking the keypad might not be a bad idea for us!

  9. Oh my heavens I adore everything here! We got a large cotton wreath for our front door as well And I put our monogrammed in it! Where is the Fall plate on display from in your kitchen??!

  10. I am just obsessed with your bright, white kitchen! I love all the decor you have. I am so hoping when Caleb and I buy our first home that it has a fireplace in it! I love decorating mantles! I really need to add a "Hobby Lobby" fund in our budget for October to decorate. Hehe, the yellow fall sign in your house is my fav!

  11. Oh Shelby this is all so cute!! I had extra time today so I stopped by both Hobby Lobby AND Target and was so uninspired looking through their decor. I wish I had read your blog first for some inspirations! I love how you've added pieces all throughout the house :)

  12. Love all the little touches of fall throughout your home! Most of my decor is from Target and Hobby Lobby as well - it's always nice to find the cheaper little items that add so much!

    1. Thank you! :) Target and Hobby Lobby are THE best for seasonal decor!

  13. I also like their dollar section! Dollar stores have some surprisingly good finds, too.

  14. You have so many cute decorations!! I'm obsessed with that Hobby Lobby sign and I need to get to Target ASAP to get some of those napkin rings! (I hope they're still there!)

  15. I just spent SO much time looking at this post of yours hehe! I love your style and decor girl, you do a fabulous job!!! :)


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