Monday, October 12, 2015

#CoatsApartment Tour: Living Room, Dining Room, & Kitchen

This past weekend we didn't have much planned until Saturday night so we cleaned and organized our apartment. I took pictures to continue on with our home tour and to share our fall decorations! A couple of weeks ago I shared with y'all our bathroom and today I am going to share our living room, dining room and kitchen!

A couple of things to note:
- We haven't bought any curtains and we don't plan on it. Like I said the other day our lease is up in about 4 months and we aren't completely sure what we're going to do yet, so we don't want to buy decor that will only work in this apartment and not in our future place. We still have some gift cards from our wedding that we are saving for our future place!
- We have had the windows opened ALL weekend. We have had the perfect fall weather here and took full advantage of it. We turned the air off and had fresh air all day Saturday and Sunday. So that's why the windows are open in these pictures, I thought about closing them for the pictures but we love having our windows opened so they stayed open until we went to bed last night!

This is our small entry way into the living room. I added some fake fall flowers to some of our milk glass vases from our wedding. My mom gave me the "Thankful" piece last fall and I found the small pumpkin at Hobby Lobby and painted our last name on it.

I put a cute fall piece on our laundry room door. It's leaves and spells out FALL on it. I found it at Hobby Lobby last fall.

Our living room opens up into our dining room, which we really love.

I think we have decided to put some wedding pictures on canvases behind the couch, since we really like that look and can use canvases somewhere else in the future if behind the couch doesn't work in our next place.

Our guestbook at our wedding was a photobook from Shutterfly of our engagement pictures. We keep it out on our end table to read through people's sweet messages and for people to look through when they come over if they want to!

Our fireplace is one of my favorite things about our apartment and I am counting down the days until we can use it! I absolutely LOVE decorating mantels and have had the best time decorating ours! The mugs are from Anthropologie. They are the limited edition gold monogrammed ones. I bought them last year around Christmas when they were on sale for our wedding. They spell out our last name and we had them on our sweetheart table at our reception. Matthew really likes them and we decided our mantel was the perfect place for them. I had intentions on changing out the flowers with each season in them, but just haven't gotten around to putting fall flowers in them yet. The pink flowers are from our wedding. I found the leaves banner at Target in the dollar section!

I found this candle holder on clearance at Bath & Body Works last year.

This candle is actually from Wal-Mart. $5 and is just as amazing as Bath & Body Works candles. I'll take $5 over their high prices any day! Our apartment smells so GOOD all the time. 

We added a bookshelf beside our mantel and TV and I have had fun decorating it!

Our glass bottles we drank out of at our wedding (don't worry I've washed them) and our cake topper!

View of our dining room from our living room.

Our newly re-done dining room table!

That flower arrangement is from my best friend's wedding over a week ago. They are still going strong and just as beautiful as they were on her wedding day! We haven't really styled this console table as much yet. I kind of just threw a few pieces we already had on there. The fall sign I picked up at Hobby Lobby last month and the pumpkin is from my apartment last year!

View of our dining room from our kitchen!

Our kitchen!

I don't remember where I got these but I had them in my apartment last year.

Another candle of the same scent! We really love it. 

And that's it! To see picture of our apartment when we first got it and when we first got our furniture then look here and here! It's fun to go back and look at pictures from when we first got the key and to where we are now. We are so thankful for this apartment!


  1. Love the apartment!! It looks so cute :)

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  2. Your apartment is so adorable!! LOVE that fireplace and your mantle decorations! Your fall decorations are on point! So jealous of your open windows - I'm going to wash our windows and screens next weekend so when it gets cool, I can open them!

  3. Your place is seriously SO CUTE!!! It looks better than my house I've lived in for almost 5 years haha- I love how you have it decorated! :)

  4. OH EM GEE. Your place is SO adorable!!!! I love how festive it is!!!! Girl, come decorate mine!!!

  5. So cute! We have the same C coasters!


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