Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We got the keys!

This past weekend we got our keys to our apartment!
See that welcome mat? Matthew picked it out himself and I LOVE it!! I didn't get a picture of just the mat to show y'all so I will have to snap one this weekend when I go visit! It has one of his favorite verses on it, Joshua 24:15. He picked it out online about two weeks ago and we finally were able to go pick it up. He found it online at Hobby Lobby and we crossed our fingers that they had them in stock...and they did, AND 50% off (woo hoo!). 
We had pizza for our first meal in the apt...
It has kind of become our thing. When I got the key to my apartment in Cookeville Matthew stopped and got a pizza and we sat in the floor and ate on paper plates out of the box, just like we did this past weekend! We love it. 

Saturday morning I made it to my sisters' last basketball game. They went the whole season undefeated and played great!

We spent most of the weekend putting furniture together. We had a ton of help from Matthew's parents and brothers, as well as my dad! There would have been no way it would have all been finished in the time that it was without their help! It was so much fun getting everything set up. I had to keep reminding myself that this is my apartment too, and not just Matthew's. When we were arranging the living room furniture Matthew kept having to ask if that's the way I like it because I kept asking him if that's how he wanted it. I've only ever known "Matthew's apartment" and then "My own apartment" so it still hasn't really sunk in yet that this is "Our apartment" and we get to decide together on everything. Matthew keeps getting so cracked up at me about this lol. Does that make sense at all? 

I didn't get pictures after the furniture was put together because there were a ton of furniture boxes and packaging around until we took it off Saturday night and I didn't go down there Sunday. I will have to get some this weekend! I did, however, get some pictures before some of the furniture was delivered!
Love our light fixture in the dining area

The windows seriously make me so happy. The amount of natural light that pours in is incredible.
Also, the weather this past weekend was such a blessing! It felt great outside and we kept the windows opened all day. Perfect moving weather if you ask me!

The fireplace makes me so happy. 
We ended up going back to the furniture store and bought a 6ft tall bookcase with about 5 shelves. It is by the fireplace. It's the perfect size to fill up that awkward space by the fireplace and the perfect place to put out router, modem, and of course, Matthew's Xbox ;)

My dad is going to put in a shelf for us over the sink to put the microwave on so that it doesn't take up counter space. He measured this past weekend and is going to try and match the shelf to the rest of our cabinets!

The kitchen and bathroom

Also, our comforter set same in the mail and we LOVE it!
If you can't tell it's navy and white.

When we did our walk through of our actual apartment a couple of weeks ago we had a couple things that we were concerned about, and Matthew emailed the leasing manager and asked if we could have them fixed. When we got the keys and walked in everything was fixed!! We were so excited and relieved. Everything looks great and I am dying to get to decorating haha! We probably won't do any decorating until I move in or closer time to me moving in.

Also, if you are following me on Instagram then you already saw, but I asked two of my bridesmaids and my MOH to be in our wedding! I'll share more of that later though. I have three more girls to ask. I'm so excited!!


  1. Your apartment is seriously so beautiful! We are (fingers crossed) finally moving VERY soon, and I can't wait for furniture shopping and getting everything set up. Congratulations! Love the fireplace.

  2. It's so exciting! And decorating is even more fun! Congrats on the apartment you'll make all kinds of newly wed memories in! It'll be special forever!

  3. This is SO exciting!!!!! :) I remember how exciting it was to get our keys. I'm so jealous you have a fireplace, though! Yay!!! And I love the doormat! So sweet :)

  4. Hooray!!!!! :) Getting the keys is so much fun! I'm pretty sure we had pizza for our first meal in our place too :)


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