Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Healthier Lifestyle - Part 3

If you missed part one or part two go read them really quick!

I knew I couldn't just eat healthy and lose the weight in this short time frame that I have (165 days until the wedding, y'all!) and I knew Haley worked out five days a week. So I knew I would need to eat healthy AND workout to help shed some pounds and tone up. 

Haley sent me this about a week before we started to workout and honestly I got really nervous lol.

We have been going some what by this, we've added a few things and taken away a couple of things. 

Like yesterday we did arms, abs, cardio and the sauna!
I had never been in a sauna until last week and I love it! We try to sit in it for at least 15-20 minutes, it is usually anywhere between 175-185 degrees.
 I feel SO good after a good workout and the sauna. 

Last week was the first week we worked out and I was sore ALL last week. My arms were the worst, it hurt to lift them. I bet I looked really funny trying to fix my hair, ha! So I was a little worried about doing arms again yesterday but I am feeling good today! I'm a little sore and I'm sure I'll be even more tomorrow, but it'll be worth it!

Also, last week she wanted me to try and do a pull up...LOL didn't happen, not even close. So she had me try the assisted pull up machine...still couldn't even do one.
 Well, yesterday I did THREE sets of SIX assisted pull ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shocked Haley and myself big time, and you better believe that's what I'm feeling today ;)

Our workouts are usually done in about an hour and fifteen/twenty.
45 minutes of working out (arms one day, legs one day, abs)
15 minutes of cardio (sprints, stair master)
15-20 minutes in the sauna

Also as of this morning I have lost another 2lbs!! Woo hoo 7lbs down total since January 1st!!


  1. Congrats, girl! I am also sweating for the wedding :) Really feeling it today, but it is incredibly motivating!
    Way to go!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss, you will be toned and feeling great in a few weeks. You don't look big enough to need to loose 35 lbs.

  3. You go girl!!! Lifting weights is honestly so much fun once you get into it and get into the habit :)


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