Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Asking my girls

I knew exactly how I wanted to ask my bridesmaids, even before we got engaged. It's all over Pinterest and I know a lot of people ask this way but I didn't care. I loved it and wanted to do it, so I did! A couple of weeks after we got engaged I went to Michael's to get the boxes and began working on them! It ended up taking longer that I thought, it could have something to do with the paint I picked out...I had to do about 4 coats to make sure it was dark enough, but that's okay I loved the way they turned out. I did try to speed up the process of making them and at first I wrote their name on the box with a navy marker (didn't get a picture of them like this) after I wrote all their names and looked at it I just didn't like it. So another 4+ coats of paint on the top and it was covered! I painted their names on top in black with a very fine brush. My dad helped me with the design under their names (he is so talented!)  It took awhile but I wanted these to look good for my girls. I want this to be something they can keep and use, if they want to!
The lighting is awful in this picture but here they all are when I finished the names (I crossed the "t" in Kathleen's name before I gave it to her ;) )
They are a light pink, you can kinda tell in this picture.

This isn't a DIY post because there are a ton of those on Pinterest on these cute boxes, I just wanted to share with y'all how I asked them! I will share on what's inside of them though :)

What I put in the boxes:
I made three different little things to include in the boxes.
1.) A list of all the bridesmaids and their numbers. All of my girls have met at one point or another but not all of them have each other's numbers. So I definitely wanted to include that for them to have.
2.) The "asking them" sheet.
3.) A little design that I included at the top of their sheets, with our wedding date!

Other goodies in the boxes:
-Lip gloss
-Pencils (and they matched our colors!)
-A note pad
-Note cards or a metal letter with burlap 

I wrapped them in white tulle 
and this is what they saw when they opened them
I wanted the "asking sheet" to be the first thing they saw because a couple of my girls didn't even know I was going to ask them. Their reaction was priceless and exactly what I was hoping for :)
My sister and my MOH

My other bridesmaid, Carleigh, is in PA school in Memphis and hasn't been back home since her graduation back in December. I had to ask her over the phone to be a bridesmaid about a week or two after we got engaged to see if she would even be able to make it to our wedding since she doesn't really get a summer break from school. So it kinda ruined the surprise factor of asking her but that's completely okay, I'm just glad she'll be able to make it!! When she comes in for Easter or spring break I'll give her, her box!!
So that's how I asked my girls! I absolutely loved asking them and had fun making their little gifts. I will formally introduce our bridal party to you soon! I can't wait!


  1. You can tell that you spent a lot of time and painting on those cute boxes! I'm sure theyll treasure them forever. How precious. Pinterest for the win again!

  2. awww! that is absolutely precious!! so cute! You did a great job!

  3. So fun!!! :) Things like this make me wish I'd had Pinterest during our engagement lol! I'm pretty sure I "told" my bridesmaids they were in the wedding over text/phone lol!

  4. These are too cute! My sister did something similar for her wedding.

  5. Very cute! I wish I would been more creative in asking my bridesmaids! It's so fun to see all your wedding related posts, makes me super happy for you!


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