Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#CoatsApartment: Our new furniture!

I am finally sharing with y'all a little tour of our apartment with the furniture!!
We came across a good deal that Matthew's parents told us about. Pretty much you can furnish a one bedroom home/apartment for a reasonable price. It's actually called "The big deal". 
Here is what is included in that:

Includes 21 pieces:

  • 7 Piece Living Room Set
    Includes sofa, loveseat, 3 tables and 2 lamps

  • 7 Piece Bedroom Set
    Includes dresser, mirror, chest, queen headboard, footboard, rails and nightstand

  • 5 Piece Dining Set
    Includes table and 4 side chairs

  • 2 Piece Mattress Set
    Includes Queen Size Extra Plush mattress and box

They have an online website we looked at first before going so we could kind of have an idea of what we were looking for. The store is pretty big and there is a lot of furniture to choose from but only certain pieces are included in "The big deal", and they have those all marked with a little tag to help out with that. Looking online and picking things out first definitely helped. We just went in there looked at it in person and tried out the couches to see if they were comfortable and then we were done! I have to be honest though, laying on the mattresses in the store both grossed me out and made me feel really awkward lol. 
Living room
This is the view when you walk in the door.
Ignore those cords, we still have some cord management to work on with everything! There is a white book case to the right of the fire place we plan on hiding those cords behind! I will update on that later lol.
The couches are a dark brown
Our end tables and coffee table might just be my favorite pieces of furniture, ever.

We were thinking about getting two couches instead of the couch and loveseat combo for more seating, but after we measured we realized we couldn't fit two couches. So couch and loveseat combo it was! I think it will be plenty of room though.
Dining Room 
Walk right around the corner from the living room and you have our dining room!

 A simple black table with matching chairs. The chairs have a white cushion built into the seat which we LOVE. My dining set that I have at my apartment right now does not have cushions in the seats and can get a little uncomfortable after awhile.
There aren't any decorations up yet so the walls are really bare.
We found the bedding online at Bed Bath and Beyond and we both really liked it! We didn't want something too girly and we didn't want something that was too dark and looked like a guys comforter. So when I found this I really liked it and emailed Matthew the link and he liked it a lot too!

These two lamps were included in the deal and we put them in the bedroom since we got the other ones and they match the knobs on the furniture in there.
 There is a dresser and chest of drawers in there too, I don't know why I didn't think about making a picture of them lol. Like I said, I will update later!!
The furniture is not black like it looks in these pictures, it is a dark brown like the living room furniture. On the website it says "Dark Amber Finish"
Here is the picture from the website that shows the color a little better.

And that's it! We love everything and I am dying to move in already!! Only 130 more days to go!
Since we are on the third floor we paid to have it delivered. Matthew and I both agreed that was the best delivery fee we have EVER paid. I am SO excited to decorate, add some color in there, and make it ours!!
If you are on Instagram you can see updates on our new apartment before I post them on here. We are using #CoatsApartment


  1. This all looks awesome- I especially like the lamps and tables in the living room! Congratulations! What store did you find this great deal at?

  2. I'm pretty much obsessed with your coffee table!!!! I love it. Your couches remind me a lot of ours! Were in love with them :)

  3. This makes me want to clear out our apartment and order everything new! Looks so great!! Have fun decorating!

  4. What an awesome deal! It so exciting! Let the decorating begin!

  5. It looks great! You have excellent taste. We have the same couch and loveseat, haha.

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