Thursday, March 19, 2015

My sister's last formal

This past weekend was my sister's last DBS (high school sorority) formal. She has gone the past three years, and it's been fun watching and helping her get ready for them. 

She borrowed the dress from a good friend since she is going to her senior prom next month...dresses are EXPENSIVE!

She went with her boyfriend of almost a year!

The group she was going with went to one of their friends house to make pictures since it is GORGEOUS! It was raining most of the day but the front porch was big enough and made for a great place to make most of the pictures! Seriously, beautiful white porch. 

Mady asked me to do her hair. I thought at first she just wanted to curl it and put it half up, so I agreed. Then she said she wanted to wear it up. It turned out better than I thought but I was definitely nervous about it!!

We actually practiced the weekend before to make sure we found an up-do she liked 
and if I could do it lol. We tried on up-do and it was just not all. So we went with another one and it turned out a lot better. I told her she couldn't lay down for the rest of the week until her formal so it would last ;) It was a good thing she chose to do an up-do because the weather was gross on Saturday! Now, I just need to learn how to do this on my own hair and we will be set!

We ended up going on Sunday to get her prom is so cute and she looked great in it! 
It was a busy weekend but we had a good time!!
I can't believe she is a senior and will be starting COLLEGE next year. Next month she turns 18!


  1. she looks gorgeous! Love the dress, & you did a great job on her hair!

  2. Holy crap. Can I borrow that dress too?! ;) she's so darn cute!!! And yes, proms ARE expensive! Isn't it crazy?!


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