Monday, March 2, 2015

Fitness Journey- Update

I thought about doing a weekend recap but decided to change it up a bit and give a little update on my "fitness journey" (I don't know what to really call it so fitness journey it is ;) )

I hit a huge road bump when we got dumped on by all the winter weather. Being stuck in my apartment and not being able to drive anywhere meant no gym time. Could I have worked out at home some? Of course! Did I? A little. I did a few ab workouts and some leg workouts but definitely no cardio or weights. Eating healthy wasn't too much of a problem because that's pretty much all I had in my apartment. I guess it is a good thing to only have healthy stuff in your pantry and refrigerator lol. I had A LOT of grilled chicken, brown rice, and yogurt ;)

Last week we planned to hit the gym hard and had a whole new workout routine but life happened and things came up every afternoon so we were only able to workout on Monday at the gym. It was a GOOD workout though. It definitely left me sore for a couple of days. I did a few ab workouts at my apartment at the end of the week but didn't workout at all this weekend. 
It is hard for me to workout on weekends when I go home because I am usually on the go or wanting to take a nap when I have free time lol. 

This week we are only going to be able to workout a few days but I am really hoping to eat even better this week. Cut out bread as much as possible and add in even healthier options. I tried the Tuna at Subway and Culver's and it was great!! 
Cutting out bread is really hard but it's something I am hoping to cut out completely. 

I'll be sharing March (How is it already March?!?!?) goal tomorrow and they will include some fitness goals!
Since January 1st I have lost a total of 9lbs so far and I'm pretty excited about that but also really hoping to step it up and lose even more!
Linking up with Erin and Kristin for their #4weeksfit challenge!!
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  1. You go girl!!! Jared and I realllly try to limit our bread/carbs, and eat them only early in the day when we're going to work out. It really makes such a difference. It's hard, because I'd love to live on pasta and rice and bagels, BUT more veggies and lean meats is the way to go. You are doing great on your journey, keep it up!!! :)

  2. You've done SO great, girl! 9 pounds is amazing. You're awesome!!!! Trust me, I'm a bread lover at heart so it's REALLY hard to not eat it all the time but you can do it!!!

  3. I am so ready for spring. Being stuck in the house is the worst. Good luck with all of your goals! Hope March is a great month for you!

  4. Awesome job!! Keep up your hard work!

  5. 9 lbs is awesome - way to go! I've let the winter weather halt my progress but am determined to change that all around in March

  6. You're kicking tail girl! I have fallen in a rut of not working out since my marathon in November. Hopefully I get a little more motivated soon! If for no other reason than to fit into my summer wardrobe! ha!

  7. Life definitely happens and gets in the way of eating healthy and working out but it's definitely true that only having healthy stuff on hand helps to make healthy decisions! Hood work and your 9lbs!!! And best of luck on your March goals! Thanks for linking up with us!


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