Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Junior Bridesmaids

My two youngest sisters, Samantha (11 years old) and Macy (10 years old), already knew they were going to be junior bridesmaids in our wedding this July. They are past the age of being flower girls but not quite old enough to be considered a bridesmaid. I knew that they had to be included in the wedding somehow, so junior bridesmaid it is!
I asked my bridesmaids with boxes filled with goodies, but wanted to change it up a bit with my junior bridesmaids, flower girls, and ring bearers. I haven't gotten around to "ask" my flower girls and ring bearers yet, but their parents know. Hoping to do that by the end of this month or early next month!
I wasn't sure how to change it up exactly and almost had decided to just do the boxes for Sam and Macy until I saw Michael's had the cutest wood pieces. I bought the wood piece and then found their letter to go on it. The letter was already white, so I just painted the wood piece and then hot glued the letter on. On the back I wrote "Will you be my junior bridesmaid?" 

I wanted to give it to them that same weekend but knew I couldn't work on it at home without them seeing. I told a little white lie and told them it was decorations for our pie table at our wedding...the "M" for Matthew and the "S" for Shelby. Worked out perfect and they bought it ;)
I got ready to leave Sunday and they were helping me carry out some stuff to my car and I asked them to hold them. I told them to check the backs of them because I was afraid I had set them in something and got it on the back and that's when they read it. Their reaction was adorable and they were really excited! We grabbed some pictures really quickly before I had to leave. When I came home the next weekend they had them hanging up in their rooms. So sweet!
Now just 122 days until we are MARRIED!
Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes last Wednesday for Matthew's birthday. He appreciated all of them!


  1. How sweet?!!! Haha your little white lie is too funny!!! I would've bought that, too! ;)

  2. So adorable!!! :) I love that you have a big family and lots of siblings!


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