Thursday, March 26, 2015

Entryway Ideas

Every since we got the keys to our apartment I have been dying to decorate.
The Lord is teaching me patience on this one :)
 While Matthew has been baching it up at our place until I move in after we are married I have been searching Pinterest and blogs for decor ideas. One thing I really want to do is add a console table in our "entryway". Matthew liked the idea of it and is on board with it, too!  We don't really have an entryway because this is a one bedroom apartment but there is plenty of room for a console table.

I would love to have somewhere for us to drop our keys, phones, and mail all in one place when we come in, and make it easy to find these items on our way out. I also thought the idea of a mirror above the table on the wall would be cute and helpful. Last minute mirror checks before heading out for the day! Its a huge blank wall so a mirror would go perfectly there!
 If we add some cute decor to it and style it up a bit and I think it will really add to our living room as well.

Here is what it looks like now. It will go on the wall that the air freshener is on. 
(I forgot to take a picture when I was there last so I had Matthew send me a picture this morning lol. Thanks, babe!)

and here is the mirror we bought last week at Kirkland's that I mentioned on Friday. 
I just LOVE it and love it even more that is was 50% off!

Now here is the console table we picked out! We found it on Amazon for a really good price, and it will match the color of our living room furniture!! 

So here is what we are thinking for our "entryway"

I am so excited and I've been looking at different ways to style it on Pinterest. There are so many cute ideas!

We also are wanting another one. Call us crazy but we love it!
This one would go in our dining area. We got the idea from the model apartment at our apartment complex when we did our first tour!
Here is the picture from the model apartment

and this is our dining area now. We are wanting to put it on that back wall (beside the back of the door) I think it will also really add to our dining area. 

Here is the table we found on Amazon. It's black which will match out dining set perfectly!
 Both console tables are cheaper on Amazon. I found them on other websites for $100+  than they are on Amazon. Gotta love good ole Amazon!

Here is what we are thinking for this one.  Just something simple, probably not as much on it as the picture below but something similar to this. We don't wan't it to look cluttered.

Above it we are going to add some of my antique plates we have left over after our wedding
Except they won't be plastic plates ;)
We'll only put up between 6-8 plates, depending on the sized of them because I don't want it to be too much. 

And that's all the ideas we've been throwing around for console tables!
 Do any of y'all have an entryway or did you make your own "entryway"?


  1. It’s such a great post! Awesome! I like your style of writing and your photos!
    I know how much time it requires to keep updating your blog, but don’t stop doing it!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. I love it! I love entry way tables! Mine is in storage right now, makes me a little sad but they are so fun to decorate. It's even more fun to add little holiday decor. ;)

  3. Oh my word plate walls are the best!! Jena @ Recently Roached did an amazing wall like this once. So cute. I'm obsessed with the table you guys went with-- and HAAYY for 50% off that mirror!

  4. We moved our sofa table to the hall because we didn't have space in the family room. Just fair warning: the mail piles up at a shocking rate.

  5. My "entry way" is very similar to yours! But it is definitely one of the focal points of our little one bedroom apartment. It's the easiest place to add fun decor, and I love changing the decor up on it as the seasons change!

    Here's what my entry table/ area currently looks likes! I've also added a large, wicker basket on the shelf underneath as a catch all for our laptops, schools books and miscellaneous items!

    Good luck finding your perfect entry table! Marshall and TJ Maxx carry some awesome ones, and they offer layaway!

  6. We don't have an entryway and it drives me nuts because keys/mail/etc gets tossed on the kitchen table instead! Yours will look so cute! My husband I did the same thing-he lived in our new condo for a few months and I moved in after we got married-and I was SO happy to finally get in there and decorate!


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