Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Registering

About a month ago Matthew and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to start our registry there.
The week before we went I did a lot of research. I read a lot of blog posts and tips from Pinterest. From what to register for and what not to register for, to what to ask and how many of items to register for. We decided we would register at 3 places. Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Amazon.
 I went through and made an Excel spreadsheet of things we needed and the quantity of the item. Then I went through most items and read reviews (seriously, I have read so many reviews I probably talk about them in my sleep) on them and found the best prices between the three places we are registering for and then that's where and how we decided to register for that item. 
I almost feel guilty registering for some of this stuff, I mean towels that cost more than $10?!?! Matthew had to keep telling me that we need to register for things that are going to last for 5+ years instead of 6 months. I think that's also why I did so much research and found the best prices between the three because I would hate for someone to spend a lot of money at Bed Bath & Beyond or Target when we they can get it cheaper through Amazon or vise versa. Surprisingly, Amazon didn't cost less on some items, so we registered for those things at the store it was cheapest at. 
I had read a lot of people get stressed out while registering and it's anything but fun so I tried my best to avoid that because I wanted it to be fun!! I emailed Matthew the spreadsheet a few days before we went so he could see what I had came up with, and he added some things he thought we needed. I also made sure we had lunch before we went so we would have full bellies and no one would get hangry... ;)
We got to Bed Bath & Beyond and the lady walked us through everything and answered any questions we had. She was very chatty, but helpful! She offered to walk with us, but that would have stressed me out so we told her we would just browse and scan on our own lol. 
 I pulled that spreadsheet up on my tablet before we began and then just went through and marked the items off as we scanned them! 
Matthew did all the scanning so that I could focus on marking things off our list. His exact words, "I'm like a scanning sniper". lol. We had a lot of fun and I enjoyed picking out things that we could possibly be using in OUR future home exciting! It still took longer than I thought it would. We were there for about two hours, 30 minutes of that was probably spent listening to the lady who helped I said, very chatty :)
I was too focused and in the registering mode to take pictures while we were walking around, but I did ask the chatty lady to make our picture at the end. You would have thought that I asked her to give us her first born with the look she gave us...apparently that was new to her? She thought we were crazy for wanting a picture, ha! While she was taking our picture she told us about how she was taking a photography class so she knew how to take great pictures....well let's just say the picture turned out awful lol. Blurry and taken at a weird angle so we look like we are towering giants. 
So, no picture from our first round of registering, but we are going to Target this weekend to register so hopefully we'll get a better one on round two!
Any tips from you married ladies?!
 Is there something we should definitely register for that most people don't think about? 
Anything that you registered for but still don't use?  Any and all tips are welcomed :)


  1. LOL to the lady trying to take a picture AND it turning out so terribly! You will have better luck at Target ;) It's hard to give tips on registering I think, because some stuff we chose and got, we ended up never using. And some things Jared or I thought we wouldn't need? We purchased after the fact. My only few things are to not feel bad about asking for something pricey for sure- you only get married once! I wish we'd asked for a nicer knife block/set because our cheapo one didn't hold up for very long at all. Get a crockpot that has a timer on it. Those are my only suggestions ;)

  2. Is funny that your man had to convince YOU to register for nice things because Caleb wAs the exact opposite. He almost didn't let me register for a silly pizza cutter because he said it was "unnecessary", can you handle that?! LOL! We registered at BBB and Target, also. Love them! I do wish we had registered for a nicer knife set but oh well, hindsight is 20/20!! ;)

  3. I would say update your registry as people buy you gifts or if you change your mind (or if you decide to buy something yourself). We registered for three blenders (one normal, one margarita, and one milkshake) because I thought they were cool and got all three. We don't need three blenders.


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