Monday, March 23, 2015

Wedding Planning + A New Car

This weekend was pretty busy.
Friday night was great until I got completely lost...we'll get to that in a minute.
I mentioned Friday that we were going to have a singing night in a cave (Cumberland Caverns). We got there and started singing and it was INCREDIBLE. There aren't many words to describe it. I am just so glad we were able to go and do this. We had a really good size group go, too!
I drove to the caves instead of taking the bus so that I could just drive home after. 
Long story short I have no idea where my GPS wanted me to go but it took me down a bunch of back roads and I ended up going in a complete circle a couple of times. I hit the same possum, twice. Got pulled over and completely lost it in front of the cop because I was so stressed out from being lost. The poor thing probably thought I was a basket case, and decided to just let me go. I finally made it home about an hour and a half later than it should have taken me, and crashed as soon as I hit my pillow that night. 
I have gotten turned around plenty of times while trying to get somewhere but I have never been completely lost like I was Friday night. I have always depended on the GPS on my phone but now I am having some trust issues with it!!

Saturday, I woke up in a better mood than Friday night. Thank goodness!!
My parents had bought my sister a new car as an early birthday/graduation gift. The car she has been driving was my old car I had all through high school. It was O L D, had way too many miles on it, and sounded like it was fixing to fall apart. She will be commuting abour 45 minutes to and from for college in the fall so they knew there was no way her car was going to make it. 
My dad got it last Wednesday and kept it hidden at our Nannie's house in her garage until Saturday!
Saturday he brought it home to give it to her. He asked her to come outside and help him get something out of his truck and when she walked around the side of the house there it was! I got her reaction all on camera and it was priceless!
 It's a used car but it has low mileage and my parents got a good price on it!
Later that day all the groomsmen were coming to town to get their suits for the wedding sized and ordered. Matthew's dad grilled hamburgers for everyone and his mom fixed dessert! We all headed to Men's Warehouse after to pick out everything. Matthew had picked the suit out online already and it was buy one get one free. So the $500 suit was now $250 for all of them. This is the same Men's Warehouse where Matthew's family always gets their suits so they know the guy there and he is always so much of a help to them. Well, he ended up knocking down the prices of the suits to $199 each! So our guys are buying a $500 suit for $199 for our wedding, and the best part...they get to keep it!!
We decided not to go the renting route because all of the groomsmen will wear this suit again, for work or to church, so it was just smarter for them to buy than to rent it! We also picked out the ties. I wish I had gotten a picture to share but everything was happening so quickly that I wasn't able to.
I am very relieved that we were able to get all 6 groomsmen in at the same time and able to get that checked off the list!

117 DAYS!!!!!! 


  1. Ugh being lost is seriously NO fun! The important thing is you didn't get hurt (or get a ticket!!). Singing in a cave sounds FUN! How fun your sister got a new car. I love it!! Also, I love the idea of buying suits for weddings. We rented but Caleb looked so handsome in his I wish we would've just bought it!!! :)

  2. When we decided to go shopping for a new car, we chose to go on a holiday when the dealership was running a sales event. The offer was to bring in any trade and get $5000 off the price of a new car. I made sure I did my homework and picked a car in my price range and knew what the lowest price would be before I haggled.

    Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru

  3. Getting a new car is always the best! It doesn't matter if the car is actually new or used - just getting a new car to drive around is awesome! Your sister is lucky. The singing at Cumberland Caves sounds cool too. I had a chance to do something similar once. It was a great experience. Good luck on the wedding!

    Douglass @ Viva Kia


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