Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Yesterday was going so good for a Monday. I had my new blog design and Christmas cards ordered by 10:00 am, and had knocked everything off my to do list by lunch time at work. I was feeling pretty good and was really excited to get home and try out a new recipe and tackle some laundry.

It was getting to be about that time so I wrapped up some things I was working on and organized my desk. I always feel MUCH better coming in the next day if my desk is nice and clean and I don't have anything from the previous day to work on, this doesn't happen everyday but I try to make it happen more often than not! 

So I left and Matthew called and said he was already on the way home. I got super pumped because I thought he was going to be working really late. He was also almost home since the client he is at this week is close to our apartment. We were mid conversation when I see the exit ramp that I take BACKED up. As in people at a dead stop. So I just kept on going another route and got on my GPS really quick to see which way would get me home quickest. The quickest way would still take me 45 MINUTES. Keep in mind that my normal commute is usually about 15 minutes and that's if traffic is a little heavy. I was pretty bummed because I knew I would need some extra time in the kitchen with my new recipe. I always like to give myself extra time when making a new recipe because I like to read the directions 500 times to make sure I'm not forgetting an ingredient or step. So the 45 commute was taking away that time lol. Matthew called when he got home and offered to start on dinner but I told him to wait because I wanted to be there and if he wanted to help we could make it together. The recipe? Cauliflower pizza crust, the directions didn't sound too bad when I read it the other day so I was telling myself it still wouldn't be too late when we got to eat. 

I finally got home and went straight to our kitchen and Matthew was helping me get everything out. He was reading through the directions and then said, "uhh Shel did you read the directions on this?" Still frustrated at this point I looked at the directions (this is the recipe we were using) and WHAT THE HECK IS A CHEESECLOTH?!?! Matthew started laughing and I started freaking out a little more. I told Matthew I would do without the cheesecloth that we obviously didn't think to register for and come up with my own. I was going through all of our cabinets looking for something to replace the dang cheesecloth and couldn't find anything. So what did I use? Paper towels. Yes, paper towels, and YES this created the biggest mess Finally I got the cauliflower as dry as it was going to get and mixed in the last ingredients and started putting it on the pan to bake. Matthew comes into the kitchen at this point and can see how frustrated I am and was so sweet and gave me the biggest hug and said it was going to turn out the way it should and that I was doing great. I popped that sucker in the oven and told Matthew he should probably go grab us a real pizza at Little Caesars while I cleaned up the MESS in our kitchen. He didn't ask questions and left to get our dinner. That sweet husband :) I decided to continue on with the cauliflower pizza just in case it turned out like it should....it wasn't looking too bad in the oven. So after about 20 minutes I took it out and put our toppings on and popped it back in there. Matthew got back with our pizza and we decided to try the cauliflower pizza, it actually wasn't that bad! We just couldn't get over the cauliflower taste with the pizza toppings. So the recipe turned out we just can't do cauliflower :) So after some tears, cleaning, and a cut from cleaning a knife (seriously y'all, seriously!!)  we sat down around 7:30 with our CARB loaded pizza and had dinner, finally. 

Here is a picture of our cauliflower pizza. We felt bad throwing it away as that is practically throwing away money and food others could be eating, but we just couldn't get past the cauliflower.

So now that we know we aren't fans of cauliflower that throws cauliflower mashed potatoes OUT! However, last night while I was waiting on Matthew to get back I decided to make his favorite chocolate oatmeal cookies. They turned out better than the last time I made them or he was just telling me that so I didn't have a serious meltdown, ha!

So here's to trying to be a domesticated newlywed and trying to figure out my way in the kitchen!
Fingers crossed the other new recipe I am making this week is actually edible and doesn't make me cry. 


  1. Oh no! Sorry you had such a rough end to your day! Your husband was so sweet about it though! I just can't convince myself to try the cauliflower pizza, I think I wouldn't be able to get past the cauliflower taste either.


  2. Aw! Sounds like an awful case of the Monday's!! I hate it when that happens! Matt was so sweet! Don't worry, this happens to me all the time - it's super frustrating but thank goodness for loving hubby's who help calm us down ;)

  3. I tried cauliflower "mashed potatoes" and almost cried they tasted so bad. I keep a back-up frozen pizza on hand in case any new recipes don't work out.


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