Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Sweetest Day: Bridal Party

Our bridal party was so fun and made our weekend so much more memorable.

I always knew I wanted a larger bridal party and to be honest it was really hard to choose who we wanted to stand beside us. We are so lucky!

We ended up deciding on 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen, 2 junior bridesmaids, 2 flower girls and 2 ring bearers.

We loved having a big wedding party! If we had it to do over we would have added more friends to stand beside us.

My two youngest sisters were our junior bridesmaids. One of our flower girls was my little cousin and the other flower girl was a little girl I had in my classroom at the daycare I worked at a long time ago (my first job!)

Our two ring bearers were our campus minister's twin sons!

And now for our bridesmaids!

My sister was my maid of honor and I could not think of anyone else I would have wanted standing right next to me than her.

Kathleen and I met in the third grade and have been best friends through thick and thin. She just got married this past weekend and is on her honeymoon! I was matron of honor and Matthew was the best man in her wedding!

Sarah and I met in the fourth grade and have been best friends through thick and thin. She really is the sweetest person!

Jenny and I met when she and my brother-in-law started dating a few years ago, and they are getting married in 9 DAYS!!!! I am so excited and happy to have another sister.

Carleigh and I met a few years ago on an SOC retreat. She was one of the first SOC girls to talk to me and we quickly became really good friends.

Miranda and I met a few years ago through the SOC as well. She is also a really sweet person and will do anything to help anyone out. She's getting married this December!!

And our groomsmen!

Matthew's best man was his dad. His dad, Thom, had his dad as his best man and Matthew wanted to carry on the tradition. Matthew really looks up to his dad and could not have imagined anyone else standing beside him on one of the most important days of our lives.

Andrew, Matthew's older brother, was one our our groomsmen. Our bridal party included a lot of family and we LOVED that!

Matthew's twin brother, Nathan, was also a groomsman. A lot of people don't believe they are actually twins until they show them their license to prove it lol.

Ethan, is one of our best friend's that we met through the SOC. He is basically the fourth brother in the Coats family!

Corbin was Matthew's college roommate. We actually go to church now with his older brother who just got married back in June!

We met Joey through the SOC as well. He was Matthew's older brother's roommate during college, and we've all been really good friends!

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Matthew.



  1. How much fun!! Sounds like a bigger bridal party is a blast! I do have to say, I love how you kept all the numbers even lol

  2. Y'all are a gorgeous wedding party!


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