Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Best Friend's Wedding

On October 3rd my best friend since third grade became a wife. I was filled with so much joy and emotion that entire weekend! Thankfully I have some vacation days that I have to use or I'll loose them at the end of this year so I took Friday, October 2nd off to help with whatever was needed.
She had planned on having the ceremony in her beautiful backyard and the ceremony in her neighbor's barn (he had a barn built for wedding's...seriously it's gorgeous!). Well the weather was not in our favor and literally rained Thursday-Saturday night and was SO chilly. Thankfully some family members had the big heaters we were able to use. By Friday at noon she had decided to move the ceremony into the barn as well. So we decorated ALL day Friday up until it was time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. She put so much time and thought into all her decorations and everything turned out so beautiful! I was the matron of honor and Matthew was the best man, we got to walk down the aisle together again - HOW FUN! 

Kathleen, wore her mom's wedding dress. Since she is the only daughter (she has two older brothers) her mom was more than thrilled to let her. Kathleen changed it up quite a bit from her mom's dress, but she had a picture made in it before she had any of it altered. 
and here is it after she had it changed up a bit!
Absolutely beautiful!

And here are the rest of the pictures from her wedding weekend via iPhone!
Thursday night officially started her wedding weekend with pedicures and dinner! As soon as I got off I was on my way to Murfreesboro for a few hours!

Maid of honor, the bride, and matron of honor!

Kathleen, her sister-in-law, and mom 

I was back in Murfreesboro bright and early Friday morning to help decorate and get everything ready. It was STILL raining and had gotten even cooler so we layered up and used the golf cart to get to and from her house, since the path way they had made was a complete mud hole filled with water by that point. 

We rehearsed in the barn and every single time she walked down the aisle with her dad we all cried as soon as the music came on. I'm telling you our emotions were EVERYWHERE! The rehearsal dinner was at the church her parents got married in and the church Matthew and I met at! We haven't been there in years and it brought back SO many memories. Such a sweet night.

My two very best friends

Matthew and I stayed with his parents Friday night and his mom fixed us a big breakfast Saturday morning before I headed off to Kathleen's for her WEDDING DAY! I got to her house and we went straight to the barn and started working on the last little bit until it was time to go back to her house to start getting ready for her wedding!

That morning and early afternoon was so relaxing! We all sat around talking and telling stories from our childhood growing up together. Then Sarah and I made a trip to Sonic to get all the bridesmaids a sonic drink to get us through the day! Kathleen got us all matching monogrammed button downs that we loved!

Kathleen's family is so close and the funniest to be around. I absolutely love going to their family events! She is really close to her aunts so I had them, her sister-in-law, mother-in-law, mom and bridesmaids write her a letter to read on the morning of her wedding and it was really fun and she really enjoyed them!

It was still raining so we couldn't make any pictures outside but were able to get some good ones inside her house and eventually the barn!

In our dressing room in the barn right before the ceremony started. She gave her parents their gifts and by the end we were all sobbing lol. Seriously so sweet!

Right before the ceremony started!

The barn! It had the most beautiful lights strung up ALL over, and those breathtaking lighting fixtures all throughout the barn. Her plan B was the most beautiful "Plan B" I have ever seen. 

The ceremony was beautiful and I don't think there was a dry eye in that barn when she walked down the aisle. 


Sarah caught the bouquet!!

Two best friend's with our moms!

My family!

A fun picture I put together! Us at our wedding and us at their wedding!

and last but certainly not least...
Celebrated the beginning of our best friend's forever with my forever.

The weekend was so perfect, even with the rain. All that mattered is that Kathleen and Braden got married and they did! They had a wonderful honeymoon in Asheville, North Carolina, and the pictures were great!

Now this weekend my brother-in-law is getting married! We are so excited for them and to see everyone all together again! They have been together for 4 years and we have made so many memories with them over the years and can't wait to make many more!


  1. What a beautiful wedding!! Y'all did an amazing job decorating and making plan B happen - at least they'll get some good luck from all that rain ;) Her dress turned out beautifully and looked amazing on her! Have so much fun at your BIL's wedding!!

  2. SUCH a beautiful wedding- I love that she was able to use her mom's dress. So SO special!!!! :) Another wedding this weekend?! So much to celebrate in your life right now!!

  3. Oh my gosh that barn is AMAZING! And I love how she wore her mom's dress. It looks beautiful, and so cool that she had a picture in it before she got it altered too! What a special thing!

  4. Her dress is gorgeous. And I seriously hope that barn gets used for more weddings. That is incredible.

  5. First of all, that barn in GORGEOUS! Like the best Plan B I've ever seen :) Also, how sweet that she wore her mom's dress but had it altered to fit her style. So sweet & it looks great on her! Sounds like a very special weekend!

  6. Her dress is gorgeous - I really love the lace back! Looks like such a fun time!

  7. Her dress is stunning and I love that it was made out of her moms!!! Awesome!!!!! :) such a gorgeous day, even with the rain.

  8. So much fun! I love that you and your best friend got married so close together. I bet that made planning even more special!

  9. I love love her dress. So very pretty! I love how it was her mom's. That is so fab.


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