Monday, September 28, 2015

#CoatsApartment Tour: Bathroom

I DEEP cleaned our apartment this weekend and it felt so good. It was also the perfect time to start out apartment tour. I have documented my two apartments I lived in, in Cookeville and really enjoy going back and being able to see them so I didn't want to miss out on our first place together.

I am going to go on and apologize about the awful lightening in our bathroom. Our shower curtain is actually navy and white but these pictures make it look black and white. We got it at Bed Bath & Beyond and really love it. Click here to see the actual color.

We found our bath towel holder at Bed Bath & Beyond and it works perfectly in our bathroom, and even has a bar to let rags dry on. 
Yes, that is a phone jack in our bathroom, and no we have no idea why it's in there lol.

We registered for navy and gray Kenneth Cole Reaction towels from Bed Bath & Beyond and absolutely love them.

We ordered this bathroom cabinet and we were really excited about it. It looked good and extra storage...perfect! Well when it came in we were both disappointed on the size. I guess we didn't read the dimensions on it closely, because it's a lot smaller than we thought it was going to be. So literally the only thing that will fit in there... rags and toilet paper. So toilet paper storage it is!

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  1. Love your bathroom! The shower curtain and colors are super cute!

  2. Love having little decor in the bathroom like the picture and the candle!

  3. Very cute, girl!!! Love the navy and yellow together :)

  4. I absolutely adore the yellow rugs!! Can you share where they're from?

  5. We are just starting to work on our bathroom now. We first took everything out, including all of the toilets, sinks and more. Then we took out the shower and flooring and then everything started to go back in. I almost do not recognize it when I walk it. So glad you have finished yours. It looks absolutely just perfect.

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

  6. Having a new bathroom fitted is so exciting. We recently took the plunge and renovated our bathroom, although I should say that we had the help of our friendly plumbing company, who completely gutted the room for us and then installed a brand new shower, corner bath and double sink. It looks fantastic, I wish we'd done it years ago.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating


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