Thursday, September 10, 2015

Game Night

This past Friday night Matthew and I hosted our first game night ever at our place. We were super pumped and ready to see all of our friends again. We decided on tacos and cheese dip for dinner and found a few games that we could play.

We played Fibbage, that's the reason everyone is on their phones. It's a game that's played on your phone! We have played it before and loved it so we bought it to play that night. If you have never heard of it then I recommend trying it out, and it's less than $10!

Self timer at it's finest!

It was a great night and great start to our long weekend. We are hoping to make game night a monthly thing. Have you ever hosted a game night or attended one and played a really fun game? We are looking for new games to play at our future game nights, so feel free to share :) 


  1. We've been wanting to have a game night for so long and I absolutely love your menu pick for the night! Your happy fall sign at the drink bar is the cutest.

  2. We love playing Fibbage with our group...Ashley announced her pregnancy to us on the screen one night during a game!! "What's Your's Like" is also a good group game!

  3. I love game nights! Taco bars are the best menu for nights with friends :)

  4. This looks like so much fun! I love relaxing game nights with friends, and it must be so nice to host them at a place you can now call your own!


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