Monday, September 14, 2015

The Sweetest Day: Getting Ready

Happy Monday! I am so excited to share our wedding day with you all, now that we have our wedding pictures back. Whenever I think of our wedding day I just think of how sweet it was. How sweet all my girls were. How sweet all of our guys were. How sweet all our family and friends were. How sweet my handsome groom was (and still is!).

And now I can finally give you a peek into our sweet day. 

 I could not have imagined spending the night with anyone else on my last "single girl" night than with my two best friends and sister. They have been there since the third grade. I still tear up thinking about how sweet it was. We talked, laughed, cried, danced and had the best last "sleepover"
Surprisingly I slept so well the night before our big day. I was so happy, excited, exhausted, and anxious I think it just all caught up with me. I'm not complaining though, I woke up refreshed and ready to get our day started! I also woke up to my best friend jumping on me singing "IT'S YOUR WEDDING DAY, WAKE UP, YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED TODAY!!" My other best friend joined in and we all started laughing and dancing around like we were in high school again. 

My sister and I headed off to the church to meet with my other bridesmaids and to start getting ready. My two best friends headed to sonic to get everyone drinks! I don't remember our conversation on the way to the church, I remember my sister just talking away, but I got really nervous/anxious for the day so I just started praying. Praying for our day, praying that my nerves would calm down, praying for all of our family and friends that were traveling to share our day with us, praying that we would put God first the whole day and that he would be glorified in everything we did that day and every day after that. By the time we pulled into the church parking lot and I saw a few of my other bridesmaids I was at ease and ready to get our day started! Other than that short 10 min car ride my nerves were calm the rest of the day. I truly felt at ease and enjoyed every second of our sweet day, and I will forever be SO thankful for that!

My hair dresser was right on time and we got started on my hair. She went above and beyond with what I was wanting and was such a joy to be around. I got so many compliments on my hair and honestly didn't want to take it down at the end of our day. If you are in the Cookeville area and you are needing someone to do your hair, email me! Seriously, she is the sweetest lady and is so talented.

She watched me the whole time I did my makeup, and of course needed her's done too!

I had someone booked to do my makeup but cancelled a few weeks before the wedding. I'm extremely picky when it comes to my makeup and want it a certain way so I decided I would just do it myself. I didn't want a ton on but enough to notice in pictures. Really the only thing different from my normal everyday makeup was that I wore fake eyelashes and lipstick!

I was on the fence about the monogrammed button downs or the floral robes for me and my girls. The prices on those things are OUTRAGEOUS and I have yet to see a girl walking around town in a monogrammed button down. I checked tons and tons of different places/websites to get prices but could never justify paying those amounts. I knew I wanted us to all match in some way and finally thought of these V-necks from Old Navy. I probably have one in every color and it's my go to comfy shirt. I knew the necks were deep enough so we could take them off without messing our hair up and would still look cute for pictures. So I gave all my girls one in their bags I got them. I LOVE how the pictures turned out with them and know they will wear them again. And these were around $4 a piece ;)

 This picture cracks me up every time I look at it! I loved getting to see these pictures and listening to Matthew tell me all the funny things that happened in their dressing room.

And then it was time for my girls to get their dresses on!

I did a first look with my girls and with my dad, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for those pictures. It was a HUGE ball of emotions mixed with love and laughter. One of the many sweet moments from our day. Also, I still can't believe I just blogged about OUR wedding :)


  1. Getting ready was one of my favorite parts of our day! So glad you were able to enjoy that special time!

  2. Love love love :) So glad your pictures are back so I can stalk every last one of of 'em! I'm so glad you've got lifelong girls you got to spend the night before the wedding with- such a special time!

  3. Such sweet pictures of such a special time! I have the fondest memories of getting ready and all the laughs and just plain excitement. Yay for pictures!

  4. Love these! Your hair looks amazing and so glad you were alright with your makeup lady cancelling - I would've freaked lol The matching v-necks is a great idea! Love your monogram running shorts

  5. I love the girls dresses! I can't wait to see more pictures of them!


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