Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Goals

This is the first time in months that I have made some monthly goals and I am so pumped to have some written down and on here. Having monthly goals helps me feel like I have at least part of my life in order lol. I usually make about 5+ lists a day and feel SO accomplished when marking something off. Whether it be a personal to do list or a to do list for work, I love crossing the next thing off.

I know I sound like a broken record, but it's SEPTEMBER. Time if flyin' by, and I kind of want it to slow down. I feel like it was just June and Matthew and I were freaking out over the fact that "next month we are going to be husband and wife" and that we only have to scroll to the next month on our calendars on our phones to see our wedding month. I'm excited though. Excited for the upcoming holidays that we get to celebrate together, for some cooler weather, and for all the memories that we will make, Lord willing! So now for some September goals.

1. Continue working on our apartment. We have worked and worked and worked some more on our little place and it is finally starting to look like people live there. Stuff is starting to go up on the walls, boxes have been unpacked, things have been organized, the drawers in our dresser and chest of drawers are now full, accent pieces are finding their places, and we can now see our dining room floor. There are still a few little things that needs to be done, but we are taking them on one project at a time and that is perfectly fine with me. I love working on things together and spending our nights together, it really is the best. Some projects we have that we want to do this month are:
          - Putting up a shelf over the washer and dryer in laundry room (more storage!)
          - Style our accent tables
          - Plate wall (y'all I am SO excited about this I can't even stand it)
          - Decorate the wall behind our couch
          - Decorate the wall behind our bed
          - Decorate wall in the hallway

We got a couple of Lowe's gift cards for our wedding so we decided to purchase this bad boy and put it in our laundry room. It has helped SO much! We plan on putting this in our garage one day (fingers crossed we have a garage lol)

2. No social media after we get into bed. I have had this bad habit since I got a smart phone about 3 years ago. Every night when I get in bed I will get on my phone and scroll through social media apps until I make myself put it up and go to sleep. It's embarrassing how much we both do this. A lot of the times we'll show each other something on our phone or watch goofy YouTube videos together, but I want to really work on this. What did couples do before social media and smart phones? I'm sometimes jealous of how it was back then for them. It's so easy for an hour or so to pass while I am scrolling away on Pinterest looking up new things. I would probably get so much more sleep if I cut back on this!

3. Do at least one chore a day. Matthew and I have tossed around the idea of a cleaning schedule but I did that with my apartment in Cookeville and it's actually kind of hard to stick to once life gets in the way. So I think we'll try this. One chore a day, and laundry everyday (or as needed)

4. All of the major cleaning and big loads of laundry finished by Thursday night. Again, I'm not sure how all of this is going to work, but we are going to try. I know we are not going to feel like any cleaning on Friday nights and most Saturdays we have errands to run or somewhere to be. Now of course we will pick up and do minor things Friday-Sunday but we would love to have most of the bigger things done by Thursday night. Also, I can't go to bed on Sunday night if the apartment is messy. I just can't do it lol and I love waking up to a clean apartment on Monday mornings. It just starts the week off better.

5. Show my support through actions. I want to always support Matthew and not just verbally or through texts. I want to show Matthew my support through tangible things. Notes, cards, small gifts, random acts of kindness around the apartment. I want to be nothing but an encouragement.

6. Go on a date! Of course now that we are married we eat almost every dinner together and we stop here and there to grab dinner or lunch on Sundays after church together, (which I am absolutely LOVING!) but I want to go on a real date with my husband. One we actually plan and not just go grab dinner on a whim kind of date lol. It also helps that we have some free movie tickets just sitting there waiting on us ;) Once we are settled we would love to have a date night once a month and take turns planning it. Once we get our budget set and see what we have to work with will determine if it will be a monthly thing, but I think we can find some free/cheap things to do each month!

I am excited for a new month and all of our upcoming activities we have planned! September is going to be full of bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and bridal luncheons for my brother-in-law and futute sister-in-law, AND our best friends!! Our best friend is getting married the first weekend in October and then Matthew's twin brother is getting married two weeks after that. This fall is going to be BUSY but SO MUCH FUN!

Happy September, friends!

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  1. Love this post! My husband and I just celebrated our one year late July and we lived in a tiny apartment for the first 11 months! We just finished building our house and moved in this past July so I know the struggles of organizing a tiny apartment and trying to find a place for everything! Also, once we got married I noticed our social media addiction too (so embarrassing but so glad to know we aren't alone) and our rule is no getting on your phone in the bedroom. If we're in there together getting dressed or whatever, we aren't on our phones and we're spending time talking to each other!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts


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