Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dining Room Table Makeover

Excuse the mess and bad lighting. We were just so excited to have the table finally together lol.

Matthew and I have been talking about re-doing our dining room table for a couple of weeks and decided Labor Day weekend would be the perfect time to do it. We had looked at a ton of options on how we wanted to do it and decided on something like this...


Saturday morning we slept in past 6:30 and then jumped right up and Matthew went to Lowe's for the wood and supplies and I started on breakfast! Because pancakes and bacon is the best way to start any day, right? ;) 

Saturday was all about getting the supplies and prepping it. Matthew made all the cuts and then we decided how it was going to go on the frame.

Our work area was our little 8x8 deck. We put our drop cloths down so our neighbors wouldn't get covered in saw dust. I'm sure they appreciated that ;) 

Once it got too dark outside we moved inside to do the staining. We decided it only needed one coat of stain. We also stained both sides to see which side looked the best once stained. 

Our apartment was a complete wreck this past weekend so ignore all the mess. We only had one thing on our mind and that was to finish our table!!

Matthew put a coat of polyurethane on the wood and it needed about 3 hours to soak in and dry so we ran to the store to get more brushes and drove around and looked at some houses that are for sale. I absolutely LOVE doing this with Matthew. It's one of our favorite things to do lol. By time we got back it was time to attach the stained wood on the table frame! 

Our before and after!

Matthew attached it last night and put the last coat of polyurethane on it! We still have a couple of chairs to finish and then we are completely done! Our main goal was to have the table completely finished by Monday night. We also have to go pick our fabric to put over our seat cushions. We tried the white on a white and they are a different shade and look awful together lol. Overall this was a pretty fun project. We would get really excited after each big step as we saw it coming together and are so happy with how it turned out! It also makes the room a lot brighter. The best part of this project was working on it together. I sanded some while Matthew was cutting the wood or I was painting while he was sanding and cutting. We talked about everything under the sun while working on this table, watched some Netflix while stuff was drying or while staining, or listened to Pandora.
It was the perfect long weekend together and I can't think of a better way to end the best summer, ever. 


  1. Your table looks amazing!! So much fun getting to spend quality time together while working on a project for your home :)

  2. Wow! I'm so impressed. You all did a great job!

  3. Beautiful! Now I'm looking my dining room table over thinking it needs a good ol' re-do... ;)


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