Thursday, July 31, 2014

Apartment Bathroom Makeover Part II

You may remember my post this past October about my bathroom makeover at my old apartment. With over 33,000 page views it is one of my most viewed posts! So, now that I'm in my new apartment (#sKaapartment) I'm ready to share with you part II.
My new bathroom is very small but it's all I need for right now. My color scheme is red, black and white.
 These are the views when you first walk in
I decided to keep my floating shelves and baskets. I just couldn't justify throwing them away when they are still in perfectly good shape. They are great for storage since I don't have many drawers or a lot of cabinet space.
I still would like to add something to the walls in here, nothing major just something small.
I am also looking for a small tray to put on my counter in that right corner as well.

I also decided to put my shelf back over the bathroom door. I honestly had no where to keep my towels and I love the idea of using that area for storage, it's out of the way.

I absolutely love these colors together and how it turned out.
Do you have a small bathroom? If so, what did you come up with for storage?


  1. I absolutely love the shelf over the door, I never even thought about doing that! But it is such a good idea!!

  2. Love the shelves! So cute :)

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  3. My bedspread is the same pattern as your shower curtain


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