Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where I've been

You may or may not have noticed things have been a little quite around here. Well, that's because I was on vacation. My toes were in the sand everyday for the past week and I was LOVING it.
Friday when I clocked out I was officially on vacation. I headed back to my apartment to finish packing. Matthew's softball game was cancelled so I was able to clean the WHOLE apartment before I left.
Saturday I had my first massage ever, I had a gift card for it and have been putting it off and finally decided to use it. I can't believe I waited almost 22 years to get one!  Then after my massage I met my mom and sisters to get our nails done, it's a little tradition we have, to get our nails done before we leave for vacation and I love it! It was the perfect day to relax before we headed to Florida the next day.

We left bright and early Sunday morning around 5:00. It is an eight hour drive to Destin but we stopped for breakfast and coffee. We still had good timing and didn't run into any traffic!
I drove my car and Mady rode with me
We finally made it to Florida and had to get a picture with the sign
This was the view from our balcony...
 and this was the view on the opposite side..

We had the best time. It was the longest time I have spent with my family since moving out so it was good to be with them, I was definitely missing my alone time towards the end of the trip, ha!
Matthew wasn't able to go on this trip, he was studying away and taking the second part of the CPA test back home.
These beach bums were loving it! It was so fun watching them in the waves and playing in the sand.
I read two books last week. The Fault in Our Stars...I finished it in a day and a half and was crying like a two year old on the beach when I finished. I also read Crazy Love again!

I made dinner for everyone one night. All of us sitting around the table with the balcony doors opened listening to the waves crash in the background was so peaceful.
Daddy rented a Kayak almost everyday and it was great! We saw dolphins, stingrays, jellyfish and a ton of other weird looking fish. I will have to say the stingray definitely gave me a scare. We saw a ton of small ones but when we came up on the mom or dad it was definitely the biggest one I have ever seen. They also move REALLY fast so that definitely freaked me out even more. The dolphins were so fun to watch. Everyone was really surprised they came up so close to shore.
I got back to Cookeville Sunday afternoon and finally got to see Matthew! A little sonic date after church was the perfect ending to my vacation.
Being on vacation was fun and very much needed but it's good to be back on a regular routine. I am missing the beach VERY much though. I am trying to talk Matthew into finding an accounting firm to work at down there once he graduates so we can have those views all the time ;)
I'll post more tomorrow about our trip!


  1. This looks like an awesome vacation! Good luck to Matthew on his CPA test!

  2. Wooza! Take about a beautiful view, looks like a fun trip :) Stopping by from the blog hop! Happy to be your newest follower!


  3. What a fun vacation! I would love to visit Destin someday. Loved seeing all of the pictures!

    xoxo A


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