Monday, July 21, 2014

50's themed surprise party

This weekend went by very fast and it's probably because we were so busy but it was a good one!
For the past few months we have been planning a surprise birthday party for my nanny. She turned the big 75 this year and we decided to go all out. We decided to have a 50's themed party, since that was her favorite time. My mom worked her tail off planning this party and everything turned out great!
Friday night I came home and started helping decorate, we had the party in local church gym at home, which was perfect. The size was perfect and we had a kitchen to use and plenty of parking.
Saturday we got to the gym to finish some last minute decorating and to prep the food. Nanny was being picked up by some friends to "go to a jewelry party" at the church.
I haven't downloaded all my pictures from my camera yet so here are some Iphone pictures for the time being
 Grandkids & great grandkids with nanny...aaaand my eyes are closed.

 My cousin with his sons!
Root beer floats for the win!
 cake & cupcake table
a family friend made the cake and we loved it!
mom found old pictures of nanny from the 1950's for the centerpieces!
my 2 best friends were able to come!
my dad's mom and my mom's mom!
 aaand the birthday girl! We had an outfit at the party for her to change in to after she got there!
they were lovin' the party!
It was a great time with all the family and close family friends! Nanny was completely surprised and so overwhelmed at first but was so happy.

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