Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIY Chaklboard Frame

If you have been to Hobby Lobby recently then I'm sure you have seen these frames. I have been eying them for the past six months and they finally were half off so I bought a couple. I knew that getting glass cut to fit these would be anywhere between $60-$70 and just couldn't justify paying that. So after researching some different options I found plastic backings at Hobby Lobby for $5. I don't know about y'all but I would much rather spend $5 instead of $60 any day! I painted the backing with some chalkboard paint I already had on hand and now it's finished. Loved the way it turned out. Now I want to make about 10 more. I looked up some chalkboards with white frames like this and the average price for them are anywhere between $105-$120 so I feel paying $25 (Frame was on sale for $20 and plastic backing was $5) for this project is more than okay! Especially since it will be used for way more than just apartment deco :)
Here are some pictures of them up close, the detailing on them are gorgeous.
Here is a picture of the plastic's hard to see but there isn't really a good way to get a picture of this. It's in the frame section of Hobby Lobby and they have many different sizes.

 and here is the plastic backing after I painted it with the chalkboard paint. I used a sponge brush and it worked fantastic! It did take about 6-7 coats. It probably would have been fine with about 5 coats but I knew once I got it in the frame there way no taking it out so I was just being cautious.
There aren't claps on the back of the frames (which is incredibly frustrating) so I put a small drop of hot glue in all four corners of the frame and then laid the plastic backing on it and then applied hot glue all the way around it from the back. If you decide to use hot glue to keep it in place then make sure you do little spots at a time and then hold it down to dry and then move to the next section you are going to hot glue down.
This is a really simple project and like I said, I LOVE the way it turned out!

 I also bought a small size but I'm not making that one into a chalkboard :)
Have you picked up any of these frames?
If so, what did you use them for? 


  1. We did that for my parents 50th Anniversary party. Only we used antique frames we purchased at a Junk store. So much fun now we have a bunch of them we can use or give as gifts.

  2. Wow awesome idea! Looks so classy and cute :)


  3. OBSESSED with this idea. Plastic backing...brilliant! Thanks for sharing the goodness, love! xx

  4. Soooo....I am TOTALLY GOING TO DO THIS. :) Super cute.


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