Wednesday, December 9, 2015


As I mentioned before, I have been looking forward to sending out Christmas cards for as long as I can remember. Minted had so many options to look through, and I enjoyed seeing all of the different layout they offered on each card. I love that there were so many gold foil options, but in the end I chose to go with a card that didn't have the gold foil. Maybe next year!

I may have jumped the gun a little on these bad boys, but I couldn't help myself. These delivered at the end of October and I had them ready to go by the end of November. I wanted to mail them off by December 1st and surprisingly I accomplished that. I ran over to the post office on my lunch break last Tuesday and happily mailed them off. 

Without further ado, I present to you...our first Christmas card!


I left the back blank, because I wanted to add a special handwritten note to each one. 2015 was a BIG year for us and all of our family and friends celebrated us, supported us, and encouraged us through it all. So I wanted to make sure there was a small note thanking them, and wishing them the best for 2016. It took some time to hand write a note on each one, but I love adding that little bit of extra love to them.


I also spent a good bit of time addressing them with my favorite red ink. I usually only pull this red ink out at Christmas time. It's a beautiful color and I love the way it pops against the white envelopes!

I did have our address added by Minted on the back of the envelopes, and really loved the way it looked!

I am so happy with how they turned out and really enjoyed creating them! 


  1. Oh the envelope!!!! I die! I did take a calligraphy class with my girlfriends back in the summer and loved it! However life has been so busy that I have not practiced in a while! This year everyone is getting plain addressed envelopes - there is always next year though :) I love the navy and gold color combo, navy is becoming my new black!

  2. I LOVE everything about your cards!! So adorable! And you have the best handwriting ever!

  3. Adorable!! First Christmas cards are so fun to send! And your handwriting?! Amazing. You're right, that red ink does pop on the envelopes, but your cute handwriting makes it even better!

  4. WOW those are awesome! I love your handwriting and that Red is gorgeous on those envelopes! :)

  5. SO cute! Love it! Thanks for joining in on the link up! xo

  6. SUCH cute cards!!! Love 'em girl! :)

  7. Love 'em! Super cute and simple.

  8. Love how your cards turned out and the handwritten notes on the back! Such a great idea. Also, your calligraphy is gorgeous!


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