Thursday, December 17, 2015


In the past couple of years I have really enjoyed decorating my table for every season. It's so fun and I love trying to come up with different ways to use things I already have. I also love adding a little bit of decor throughout our apartment. So here is our Christmas tablescape! I had so much fun putting this together...and Matthew even helped a little!

I mentioned in this post, that I got a really good deal on the placemats and napkin rings. I'm telling you, shopping after Christmas for Christmas decorations is THE best way to go! Stores are already marking a few things down so it's will be marked down even more the day after Christmas. 

The plates are a beautiful cream with gold detailing around the edges. I absolutely LOVE them. I scored a deal on these, too! A guy I used to work with in Cookeville had bought a storage unit and there was still a ton of stuff the other people just left so they were selling everything. He had about 50 antique plates and some beautiful platters. Well at the time I was collecting antique plates for our wedding so I bought all of them from him, and in those were these beautiful dinner plates as well as the salad plates. There is also a matching platter that comes in use all the time when having company over!
Aren't those napkin rings adorable?! And how fun is it that they match the gold detailing on the plates already?

We bought these napkins off of Amazon for Friendsgiving. I love the size and they are so easy to clean, just throw them in the washer and wash on delicate, perfect! 

And that's our Christmas tablescape! Since the placemats are so big I decided not to add a centerpiece. 

I love our table and decorating it for each season, and I absolutely can't wait to have a big farmhouse table one day to set!! 


  1. This turned out so cute!! I'm on the hunt for Christmas dishes when I go shopping the day after! I love how classic your table is!

  2. Your table looks great! I've added in plaid to my decorating this year!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Love your table!! The gold-rim plates are perfect!

  4. Your table is beautiful! Love love the placemats, and what a steal to find so many pretty gold trim plates!


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