Tuesday, December 29, 2015


And just like that our first married Christmas is over and it was one for the books! It was the sweetest few days and I am so sad it is already over. I don't like to pack up the Christmas stuff right away so I'm going to enjoy the lights and Christmas pj's through the end of this week....or until the storage totes we ordered deliver (they are supposed to deliver this Wednesday!) I'm a firm believer in enjoying Christmas decorations even after Christmas is over just as long as they are down by New Years Day. I'll probably start taking them down Wednesday night, and everything will be packed away by early Thursday afternoon. 

On to our Christmas celebrations...

I got off early Wednesday and we met my best friend, Sarah, for dinner. If you haven't been on social media this past week or have watched the news then you missed "spring" happening here in the south and along the east coast. Wednesday night a lot of strong storms moved through, there were multiple tornado touchdowns and even more on Christmas day in the south. Temperatures have been in the low to mid 70's and we've had our air running for over a week. It's crazy! I was sweating in my Christmas attire on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...how's that for trying to look cute on Christmas lol.

We woke up on Christmas Eve morning and ate breakfast with his parents and then headed to my parents house for the day. We decided to spend Christmas Eve (day) with my family and Christmas Day with his family. For both of our families it works out perfectly! We spent Christmas Eve (day) watching Christmas movies, cooking, making pictures, eating, spending time with family, and swapping presents. After my extended family left Matthew and I did Christmas with my parents and sisters. I'm going to be so honest, it was weird giving my parents and opening their presents on Christmas Eve, I've done "Christmas" with them on Christmas Day morning for 22 years. 
This is one of the presents we gave my parents.
I made a chalkboard sign that said "forever you little girl" and gave this picture to them, they loved it!

 My parents got Matthew a ladder...woo hoo! (Sorry, this is terrible iPhone quality)

We loaded up our car and headed back to our apartment for Christmas Eve. We decided to stay at our place for Christmas Eve so we could wake up Christmas morning and do our Christmas together.
Waking up beside my husband Christmas morning was something I have always been excited about.

Christmas morning I woke up early and turned on our Christmas lights and Christmas music. Matthew woke up shortly after and we opened our stockings and gifts. It was such an exciting time. I was even able to surprise him with a few presents. It's hard to surprise each other when you live together and share the same bank account! I had to get creative and sneaky this year and it was fun lol. Matthew even managed to surprise me big time, more on that later. We made monkey bread and sausage balls after that and they were delicious.

So fun starting new little family traditions together.

My heart is so full that I have a husband and home to love on this year. Our first married Christmas was so special and I will always remember these sweet moments we share together. Being married has been such a sweet thing to me, I can't wait for, Lord Willing, many many more Christmases shared together.

After we ate breakfast we lounged around until it was time to get ready and head to Matthew's parents house. We loaded up the car with presents and our bags, we stayed the night with them.

Soon after we got to Matthew's parents house Matthew gave me my last present...my sweet, sweet husband surprised me SO good y'all! Remember in this post where I found my dream desk?

This desk...

Well Matthew went back the very next day and bought it for me. He has been hiding it at his parents house this whole time. Y'all, I am SOOOOO excited about this beautiful desk! Matthew is THE best!

We spent Christmas day spending time with family, eating delicious food, taking pictures, playing games, swapping gifts, looking at Christmas lights, and watching Christmas movies. Such a fun day!

Feeling so blessed to have doubled the size of my family this year!

Such a fun Christmas!

We all three showed up in similar green shirts...not planned, but made for a fun picture!
Again, sorry for the awful iPhone quality. I need to remember my camera!!

Jenny and I got cute pj's from Matthew's parents and we put them on early that afternoon because we were stuffed and they were so comfy! We all loaded up and went and looked at Christmas lights and then came back to his parents house and watched Christmas With The Kranks. We love that movie!

We woke up the day after Christmas and had breakfast with everyone and then headed to my mema's house for Christmas #3, and out last Christmas celebration! It was good to see everyone and eat more delicious food! My aunt and uncle gifted us this beautiful Lenox tree platter with our last name on it.

Can we just do it all again?? This time of year is so fun, and I love being around everyone and spending tons of time with family. 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!! Three things: one- this was our first married Christmas also and your right, it's so special!! Two- my husband was also gifted a ladder (it must be a newlywed thing!) three- I had the same pj pants this year. Happy New Year!

  2. Our Christmas in Texas was HOT too! One of the warmest Christmas days I can remember! Love your Christmas outfit, even if you were warm in it. ;) Also, LOVE the desk your hubby gave you! So cute!!

  3. First married Christmases are the best but so are 2nd married Christmases!!! They keep getting better!

  4. Love love this post!! So glad y'all had the best first married Christmas together!! Sounds like your 4 different Christmases worked out and so glad you got to see both families while spending Christmas morning the 2 of y'all. Way to go Matt on surprising you with that desk!!! That was a slick move ;)

  5. This looks like the cutest Christmas together. I love that he was sweet enough to get that desk and hide it from you. And the photo idea was definitely unique.


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