Friday, June 12, 2015

Engagement Pictures- Part III

We made three outfit changes with our photographer in Cookeville. She said we could do as many outfit changes as we wanted but we decided three would be plenty lol.
We didn't make too many pictures in these outfits, only because we got pretty hot at this point, and this was the hottest outfit for both of us. I still love the ones we got though!!

Can we just talk about my ponytail for a minute?! I know it's crazy, Matthew literally tells me I am crazy every time I mention it lol, but I put my hair up in like two minutes in the nasty bathroom at Cane Creek Park. I was hot and starting to get sweaty and I just KNEW my hair would have a crease in it when I took it back down, but it didn't! Our photographer and my sister  were both amazed at how good it looked from putting it up that quick, while Matthew thought we were all crazy ;)
Side note- I have tried multiple times after that day and can't get my ponytail to look that good.
And yes, I just wrote a whole paragraph on my ponytail, #noshame


  1. Hey, when your hair looks good, it looks good. The pony is a good look with your outfit, too.

  2. They just keep getting better! I love your hair pulled back! These shots totally have a southern and so graceful kinda look. Y'all look so great!

  3. Looooove the last picture!

  4. So much cuteness!!! Your hair looks great and every picture is adorable! :)


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