Monday, June 11, 2012

Office Chair...MAKEOVER

So this is the before and after of my office chair...makeover!

I printed this cupon off Joann's website and saved $7.00. I was a happy girl.

These are the tools I chair was really old and I needed more tools you can probably get away with just using the screwdriver and staple gun.

First I tok off the back cushion and then I took off the seat cushion.

The fabric I picked out...I am in love with it! I bought 2 yards just in case I messed up and needed more but I ended up have alot left over so I will save it for another project.

I laid the back of the cushion down on the fabric to see how much I needed (I didn't want to cut off too much or not enough)

I have an old chair so it had these awful hooks that the back was connected to. So I have to lift each one of these up with a screwdriver and then I pulled the fabric over them and used a hammer to lay them back down...very time consuming but worth it.

The back...FINISHED! Now on to the seat cushion (it was easier to do)

This is where I used the staple gun. This part was the easiest!

I wanted to paint the black part gray to match my walls in my bedroom. I probably should have used a white primer first but I was too excited to see the gray on it...It took three coats because I didn't use the primer. Patience patience patience.

After the THIRD and final coat of paint...

 I waited for the paint to dry and then I added the cushions back on (a little tricker screwing them on then when taking them off)

Needless to say I LOVE my new chair and it goes pefrect with my room.
This project only cost me $7.00
The fabric: $7.00
The paint: $0.00 (left over from my room)
The tools: $0.00 (daddy's tools)

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