Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in review {part 2}

-It was a pretty calm month. I was in training at work and Matthew was interning with an accounting firm in Murfreesboro.
-We had a 4th of July get together with the SOC
Some of the SOC girls
-We all took a day trip to Chattanooga and went to the aquarium

-I finished 8 weeks of training at work and they took my training class bowling.

-Classes started at Tech

-Celebrated my 21st birthday
-First girls night with the SOC

-My parents came up for family day at Tech

-Saw Ben Rector in Nashville with my sister

-Played in my first ever tennis match, intramurals doubles with Matthew :)
 -Saw Luke Bryan in Nashville

-Spent the day in Bell Buckle with my favorite girls

-Started my antique plate collection in the same day! 
-Had our first ever Friendsgiving


-This little guy ran into Matthew's apartment, we named him Cooper but we had to give him away after a few weeks :(
-Christmas party at the SOC
-Celebrated Christmas at home
Matthew got me a new camera :)

 -We were asked multiple times if we were twins over Christmas break...she's 4 years younger than me....

2013 has been such a learning experience. I have made new friends and became apart of a wonderful student ministry, that I am so thankful for. I have said it before and I will say it again...I am so thankful for everything that has happened over the past twelve months. Every experience, every opportunity, every tear and every smile. 2013 you were fun and every bit of life changing, it's a little bittersweet to see you go but something tells me 2014 will be even better.
Happy New Year's Eve friends!! I hope you all have a fun but safe night! 


  1. nice pics

  2. I'm still so jealous you went to Luke Bryan ;). I'm so glad that 2013 was a great for you! PS - we need to meet up sometime...I'm in C'Ville all the time and I only live 30 minutes away :)!

  3. I could look at your pictures forever! You have the nicest outfits! Yay for a great year!

  4. I love that your doing an antique china collection!! My sister has one and I'm obsessed. Unfortunately the husband is not a fan, so until I can convince him otherwise we're china-less.

  5. I've been enjoying these posts in blog land lately - I took a pretty big blogging break and lost track of some of my favorite bloggers so these review posts have helped me catch up a bit. I remember when I started following you :) all that to say that I'm glad to be back and following again. I actually went to Tennessee for my first time (Nashville) for a media conference. It was so pretty! Are you still there? I saw that you said you started Tech but the only Tech I'm familiar with is Texas Tech, but that would mean you're very close to me which would seem too good to be true (due to a possible BLATE) lol. anyways, happy new year !


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