Monday, December 30, 2013

Jewelry Habit

It's my first day back to work from Christmas break and the last Monday of 2013 and I am determined to make it a good one! BOOM. Take that Monday.

Jewelry Habit Auctions sent me this adorable black and white houndstooth cardigan.

What I really loved about this cardigan is that it's so big and comfy...
literally it can wrap around me.
I paired it with black cardigans and my brown riding boots and it is the perfect outfit! 

They were also so gracious and sent me a pair of red earrings...
I wanted to show Matthew my new earrings that matched my outfit perfectly and for some reason I just couldn't wait until I got off so I decided to take a quick selfie at work and send it to him and right as I snapped the picture a coworker saw me making this in my cubicle at work...awkward but it made for a good laugh.

Wellllllllllll....the wonderful ladies over at Jewelry Habit Auctions sent me TWO houndstooth black and white cardigans and TWO pair of those red earrings. You know what that means...I get to give one each away to you!!
and you thought receiving presents was over for the year. Wrong! 
Don't forget to have until next Monday!
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You can also find them on Facebook to see all the latest pieces they put up.


  1. hahaha, not gonna lie, that pic made me LOL. I've caught 2 people taking selfies, I love it! I just laugh because I've never been caught but I know it's determined to happen ONE DAY.


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