Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April goals

I have been slacking on my monthly goals so far this year but here are my April ones!!
-Continue eating healthy
Matthew and I are both trying to loose some weight. We are doing workout videos and watching what we eat. Smaller portions, more water, less fast food. We are no where near what we want to be but we are getting there. The weather is FINALLY warming up so we are going to go to a nearby park and run! Plus it's staying daylight longer so we have more time once I get off!
-Start packing things up in ole Apt D
I am moving out of my apt soon, when our lease is up and I am moving into a new one with my best friend, Olivia. We are SO excited and I can't wait to get to decorating!! The two girls I live with now are moving as well. One is moving back home and one is moving in with other friends!
-Make some crafts
With a new apt comes new crafts!!!! I will have my own bathroom so I am excited to decorate this one as well. Remember when I redid the bathroom at the apt I am in now? One of my most viewed posts!
and because I think every post should have at least 1 picture in it...
Hoping to get back down to this size!!!!
What are your April goals?


  1. Good luck on your goals girl!! Cutting off junk food has been the hardest, but most effective thing for me. I was hooked on pop but haven't had it in months now and have never felt better :) Looking forward to all your crafty posts too!!

  2. I need to do some crafting soon! I miss it! I'm sure you'll rock your goals this month!

  3. Cutting junk food and drinking a ton of water will be AWESOME! I am happy to say after a few month of doing it, its getting easier..more like a lifestyle :) you've got this!!! Can't wait to see some crafts...and hopefully get my craft on, too ;)


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