Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Flowers

Last Saturday morning I went with my aunt to pick out our flowers for the wedding. 
We went to a place in Nashville that is considered a wholesale flower shop, whole sale = lower prices...perfect!
I already had in mind what I wanted but we needed to go see them in person and talk with the florist to see when we need to buy them. My aunt is actually going to be putting our flower arrangements, bouquets, and the guy boutonnieres together!! She has done a lot of weddings and I have seen them and they look beautiful. I am SO excited, and SO thankful!!
Here are some ideas we have found on Pinterest:

The flowers:
They are my favorite. Every since I was little my dad has grown them and they come up every year late spring to early summer in the prettiest soft pink, and every year daddy has cut me a few and put them in a vase on our table. When I moved out he started putting some together for me to take back to my apartment. So really it wasn't even a question, peonies are just beautiful. If we were getting married late spring/early summer while daddy's peonies were still coming up I would use those in a heartbeat. I am still holding out on maybe just a couple that decided to come up later (fingers crossed!!)
I love the way these look and I have found multiple ideas of mixing peonies and carnations and loved them all! 
Baby's breath
It seems to be very popular theses days, and I really like it as a filler. I wanted to look at other greenery filler options but there wasn't much that I just really loved, especially the prices. Peonies and baby's breath is going to look so good together!
There are a few other flowers we are looking at still but those are the main three!!
-My bouquet is going to be mainly peonies with maybe a few carnations and some baby's breath.
-My sister and MOH, is going to have a couple of peonies and mainly carnations with some baby's breath.
-My bridesmaids are going to have carnations with baby's breath.
-Matthew is going to have either a white peony or carnation, his groomsmen are going to have a pink carnation and some baby's breath. We are still working on the guys flowers!
What flowers did you ladies have in your weddings?! 
Y'all, I am getting SO excited!! We hit the 100 day mark last Thursday and I am pretty sure I was on cloud 9 all day lol.
95 days to go!!!! Double digits! 
We are getting engagement pictures made early next month, and I am SO excited about them. I have been planning our outfits and finding places to have them made. Praying for pretty weather the day we have them made!!


  1. So pretty! Cant wait to see them!

  2. Oh my wordddddd so beautiful!!! I wanted peonies and they told me garden roses were a close (cheaper) second, so we went with that and I couldn't even tell the difference. I'm obsessed with the choices and can't wait to see the final result! Also, so neat that your aunt is doing them!

  3. We did really simple daisy bouquets because they were the cheapest lol! I love all your picks :)

  4. I don't know if y'all are committed to getting your flowers at that shop, but we used It's a wholesale flower website, and we got our flowers (all roses) for significantly cheaper than the shop quotes. We had a great experience with them. Just an option for you to check out!

  5. I bet they will be just gorgeous! I had so much fun picking my flowers and when I saw them on the wedding day they were a million times more beautiful that I imagined!

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