Monday, April 13, 2015

Bee Rock and Good Workouts

Whew! I feel like life is flying by and I can hardly come up for a breath.
The past week has consisted of:
Wedding Planning
Spending time with family
Some REALLY good workouts
Some good times with friends
and of course, some REALLY good food ;)
Wedding planning is going well! I went this past weekend and picked out our flowers with my aunt. It was so surreal, a lot of this wedding planning has me feeling that way. It seems like it was just yesterday we were picking out his suit to wear to senior prom and boutonniere for senior prom and now, these past few weekends, we've picked out his suit and and boutonniere for our WEDDING. As in what he will be wearing when I walk down the aisle to him and we become HUSBAND and WIFE. My emotions are just through.the.roof.
I got to see most of my family this past weekend. The kids had their annual Easter egg hunt while I enjoyed some chocolate ;) My mema mad a huge lunch on Sunday and, of course, it was delicious. Her ham and potato salad are to die for...and calories don't count on holiday weekends, right? ;)

Last Monday we had a GOOD workout. I'm talking about the kind where you push yourself and feel amazing afterward. Love workouts!! We didn't go to the gym everyday, but I still did some workouts at home!
I went to bee rock with my sister and best friend. I had never been there but Matthew's brother, Nathan, talks about it all the time so we went! It was well worth the drive, too.

 Also, campus is SO pretty right now!


  1. Girlfriend you look AMAZING!! Seriously. Go you on gettin' it at the gym!!! I had about a week of laziness with our crazy schedule and I'm pumped to take this week ON! Workouts and all :) yay for getting so much wedding planning done!!

  2. I love the feeling of a good, hard workout! Glad I'm not the only crazy person that feels that way!

    Bee Rock reminds me of Enchanted Rock in Texas! The views are incredible!

  3. Nothing better than pushing yourself at the gym!! Jared and I lifted weights BIG TIME yesterday and my biceps are feeling it today ;) I love being sore and knowing I did my best! I feel you on the surreal type of feelings when it comes to wedding planning! It's like FINALLY, it's here and this is real and its OUR wedding, not someones elses! :)


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