Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My first bridal shower

So far we have been blessed with two bridal showers! They have been so much fun and I have enjoyed getting to see everyone.
The first bridal shower was given to me by my family. It was for family and family friends!
My mom, sister, aunt, and two grandmothers hosted it, and everything looked great!!
The theme for this bridal shower was:
"Brunch with the bride" so fun and so delicious ;)

My cousin made my cake! Turned out beautiful and tasted incredible!! 
 My mom, sister, and aunt crafted away and made most of the decorations. I loved it all!

How cute is this fabric banner?!
and of course our married monogram ;)
The centerpieces were adorable!

And all of the food was so good!

Followed tradition and kept all my bows! I didn't break one ;)
And that's my first shower! I still can't believe I am having bridal showers. This is all so fun and I am trying to soak it all in and really enjoy this season of life. What a blessing!


  1. You didn't break any bows?! That's talent, girl! You look amazing...showers are the best! I truly wish I could go back and relive all my showers. They were so fun!

  2. The cake is so pretty!! All the decorations are adorable. Looove your outfit!!

  3. So cute! Y'all are reaching the final stretch!

  4. So fun! And so many adorable gifts :) I cannot believe you didn't break any bows- I think I broke about 5- haha!


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